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what do you all do with your wrenches ?

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    I use my old Makita cordless drill box to carry my drill, stud finder and many small tools-I leave the charger out.
    I also buy riggers canvas bags from Harbor Freight and break my tools into categories. Riveters-Fencing-Drills-Glue guns-Staplers, Electrical etc.
    This makes them light enough to carry and I grab whatever bag I need, for the job that I'm going to do. Sounds good in theory.
    I have around 10 of these bags with tools in them, I just wish the tools would find their way back to the bags.


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      Originally posted by fun4now View Post
      Mechanics time savers
      what is this ??
      I'm not big bucket kind of guy, thats why I'm asking for a better way to store and still be able to use.
      part of the problem is i generally keep my tools in the small shop and work on the car/truck in the driveway or large shop. way too many big bulky plastic holders ?? i just thought you guys that work on cars all the time must have a better option ?? i suppose you all have huge multi drawer tool chests to keep all this stuff nice and neat in right ??
      i had them hanging on a peg board in there plastic holders for a wile, just hoped there was a better way? perhaps this Mechanics time savers is the answer to my problem ??
      Well...I need a new box. I havent even finished paying for this one...and it cost me about 8k. Give it a quick look...**** nice lookin, but pricey.

      Sorry but I've been trying to find the mythical "hammer space" from japanese animations (that area where the small female character suddenly produces a giant freaking hammer from...hence the name) But so far no luck...and thus need for a tool box.

      If you were to hang their wrench organizers on your peg board maybe? Or something similar?


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        This is going to sound kind of hokey, but what the heck....

        i saw a guy a while back that had used the hard pink Styrofoam insulation to make his own organizers. he cut a piece the size of a drawer, laid his tools on it and traced them, then just cut an indentation using a utility knife and a cheapo soldering iron.

        Like I said, hokey sounding, but it ended up looking alright, worked great and was cheap as all get out.

        This is what I'm using for wrenches in mine. It only qualifies as just OK. I would replace it with almost anything if I thought it was better. Sadly, nothing seems better.


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          what we really need is something like this



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            Perhaps you could build / buy a more efficient tool box like this one.
            Montezuma ME300AL Medium Portable Mobile Aluminum Toolbox

            Taken From


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              i love that tool box. surprisingly enough i never thought about building a better wrench box. i will have to get all my sets together and look at building some thing to do the job the way i want it to.

              if i had an extra $1000 to spend on that tool box i suspect it would solve my storage problems...............and give me an excuse to buy more to fill it up.

              the foam cut outs would work great if i had a big enough drower to keep them all in and could get the box to where it was needed.

              i have them all in a fabric carry case right now. some thing from Stanly i think but cant remember its about 12"wx20"lx10"t that zips shut and has a shoulder strap. so far its been the best option i can come up with.

              if build something I'll post up some pic's when i finish it.

              thanks for all the idea's


              • #22
                almost forgot, that wooden one is freaking amazing.


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                  - Pass-N-Gas Proverb -

                  You can never have to many tools ..

                  However the shop can be to small..


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                    What do I do with all my tools.......

                    Frikkin' lose them!
                    Don't know how they grow their legs in the shop, but they manage to walk off eventually. I have so many partial socket sets that I probably have 6 or 7 3/4" sockets, but I'll be ****ed if I can find a 9/16" anywhere!

                    It doesn't help that I have a severe case of FSS (Flat Surface Syndrome) and crap piles up everywhere.


                    • #25
                      Flat Surface Syndrome, wow there is a name name for my there any chance for a cure ?

                      I'm OK with sockets, i have a cool set in a plastic case with deep well, standard and 1/4" in standard and metric. its a 100+ piece set that covers almost all my socket needs. best part is i can tell if i lost a socket at a glance, so 4 years later its still a complete set.

                      i still have not had a chance to make a better carrier for my wrenches as i been buisy working on my new old one took a dump, and i managed to score an old ford newholland mower. with a little clean up, de-rusting, repainting, and some tune up work. now i have a sweet new mower thats old but works better tan the one i bought new. i love this thing.
                      check it out. i cant believe how nice this thing is. i still need to get a book on it and find an easy way to change the drive belt, but after that it will be good as new. yea i know i should have changed the belt when i had it all apart to clean and repaint.. it just didn't acure to me to do the belts at the same time?????? no idea how i managed that goof up ?
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                        That mower looks awesome. The easiest way to change that belt is to get someone else to do it.


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                          Originally posted by fun4now View Post
                          Flat Surface Syndrome, wow there is a name name for my there any chance for a cure ?
                          I wish there was. I've battled it for many years with only marginal, intermittent success. The best I can hope is that I can occasionally see the entire surface of my work bench. Eventually everything ends up back in the pile!


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                            I find that if I order my tools in small sets it's easy to keep track of them. I never bought those giant package deals, but the small sets so they all come in small cases, and such. You cant see all the wrenches, but I have 5 sets in that drawer, just SAE, next one down is metric. I have 1 gear wrench set, 1 craftsmen 1/4-1"set, 1 craftsmen 1 1/16-1.5" set, 1 set of snap on line wrenches, and 1 set of snap on flank drives.
                            Plus I have two other boxes with all the cheap tools I have collected...
                            Here is a pic.


                            • #29
                              I spy with my little eye...A classic 78?

                              Snap on definitely is my choice when it comes to tools/storage for them


                              • #30
                                At my shop I have one kit in the tool box and the rest are hanging on the wall. they are all hanging off a pice 2'' x 1/4 with 1/2 round rod welded off the front. I have every wrench hanging on the wall from 1/2'' to 2 3/4''


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