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Welding bracket on copper radiator

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  • Welding bracket on copper radiator

    The mounting flange on the side of my 69 Camaro has detached itself from the radiator. Has anyone out there had any experience re-attaching the flange? Can it be welded? The bracket is steel and the side tank of the radiator is copper. Thanks for any help that might be out there.

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    It's soldered on. There's a dimple or raised place on each side plate at the tank. hook a light spring, or bungee cord in each of these (use a piece of wire on the side that's loose, so the bungee cord doesn't melt) this will pull the sides together as the solder melts it'll settle right into the right position then heat the side that is loose with a torch. You may need to add a little solder, but there's usually enough to reattach the side already there.
    If it's been broken a while, or it's dirty, you may need to pull the side back a little, clean & re-tin both pieces, then re-solder as above...
    Cya Frank


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      Thanks for the great information. I really do appreciate it. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again, Bill (z302)


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        I believe you will want to use silver solder.


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          Originally posted by Jeepnford View Post
          I believe you will want to use silver solder.



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            No what..........


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              Is there a special solder to use? I'm getting ready to do this tonight after work. Thanks


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                One more thing, I found out that the side tanks on this radiator are brass not copper.


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                  I would think a soft solder with low melt temp is called for. You could probably use acid core solder. Clean your parts well and tin each part. Then hold it in place and heat untill the solder starts to flow and remove heat without disturbing the part. Be careful not to use too much heat or you'll melt other joints as well. A good sized soldering iron should work. Leave the o/a alone. Clean the residue off afterwards.


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                    I use 95/5 plumbing solder it is a bit harder than 50/50 but in the same heat range. Clean and coat with non acid flux.


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                      Hey acid core bad and why? I suggested that off the top of my head..........................Nick
                      Last edited by monte55; 01-31-2009, 01:48 AM.


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                        Monte, I'm with you, Thats what I would have suggested.

                        Not that I do a ton of radiator work, actually very seldom once every couple of years for the last 20 years.

                        I also use my map gas torch usually.


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                          Thanks to all

                          I finally got a chance to solder the bracket and it worked great. Thanks to all. I appreciate it.


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                            Well try to consult it to a mechanic for good result... Or just search in copper manufacturer to get some tips about welding bracket on copper radiator...

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