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ITS A BOY !!!!!! and we are home at last.

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  • ITS A BOY !!!!!! and we are home at last.

    well all is well here and our newest little one ( Dillan) is Happy and healthy, and yep its another boy.
    here are a few quick shots of the lil guy at about 6 Hrs old.
    7lbs, 10 Oz's 20 inches long/tall.

    thats 1 lbs, 3 Oz's larger than both his brothers, that were 2 1/2 weeks early ( or 9 months 1 1/2 weeks carried) Dillan was 10 months 3 days and we induced labor to keep him from getting any larger. good thing we did too.

    Mom is also doing great. b rest feeding is off to a great start, eating dose not seem to be a problem with this guy.
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    Great to hear some good news! Congradulations!


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      just wanted to give a shoutout to you to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!


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          Congratulations to you and your family! Glad everything went okay with the delivery.

          The doctor had my son due to be delivered the last part of December, he wasn't born until the 22nd of March. That was just over 30 years ago, he wasn't really that late, the doctor was just off that far on the due date.


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            Congratulations James! Our first was 7lbs, 3oz I think and our third was 10lbs something. Don't remember the stats on the second and fourth though.

            Beautiful little boy there for sure!


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              thanks every one.
              i even managed to get some sleep last night, there is a first for every thing.


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                Originally posted by duaneb55 View Post
                Congratulations James! Our first was 7lbs, 3oz I think and our third was 10lbs something. Don't remember the stats on the second and fourth though.

                Beautiful little boy there for sure!
                You getting ready for #5? or did you just forget to mention him!!!


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                  Congrats James!!!
                  Very happy to hear the great news.
                  Take care,


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                    Congrats James!!!!

                    You make some beautiful babies!!

                    Give our best to mom.

                    Stay warm



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                      Congrats!!! That's what i'm trying to work on next. Dogs have been a good starter point, but now everything i do from racing nd stunting motorcycles, to welding and painting all i can think of is teaching my kids all the same stuf and making sure they finish college like i failed to do because i never went back after my bad motorcycle accident in '01.

                      Again, congratualtions, hope you all continue to do very well


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                        Congratulation James, I've been gone for awhile and just saw this post. I imagine the little rascal is keeping you and your wife pretty bizzy.
                        Take care.


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                          Congratulation James! I haven't been down for awhile, but it looks like you are assembling quite a "shop crew"!


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                            just a quick update. and funny story.

                            the baby is doing great. i got a new computer i been fighting with so i been gone due to that and the extra things i been doing to help mom out with the new lil one. but comp is good now ( i replaced it with new better version and all is good now) and baby is less demanding a bit now , so i should have more time to get back to the site. also as I'm on a laptop i can bring it to bed with me when i have t lay down for a wile, score. 8^)

                            now to the funny story part.
                            my brother lives about 45 miles north of us as some know. well is daughter had a new baby 10 months ago ( he is doing fine ) when she was delivering we went to see her and the new baby on the other side of Rochester ( about 70miles) and went in to see how mom and the little one were doing several times after she got home with the baby.
                            so when my wife went in to deliver we expected family to come visit us as well............ didn't happen. not so much as a phone call.
                            a few days after w gt home my brother called to ask me for some thing or to do some thing for him as usual. and Finlay got around to asking about the baby and what we named him ( here is the funny part) so i told him i named him Joseph Keith hotchkiss ( sorry no idea how to spell that one) which is the same name as his new grand son i played it off like i didn't know and that i though there new baby would have the dad's last name.well its not my fault i cant remember names you know that. if you guys had come to visit this would not have happened, so as he starts freaking out and recommending ways i can fix the problem, i just tell him no big deal they wont be in the same school any way. a bout a month later ( with no calls from them) the wife calls and talks to the girls there and mentions the baby's real name ( Dillon) the girls tell her she better check the birth certificate because i was lying to her and i had named him Josef Kieth LOL. so right after she gets off the phone i called my brother back and started yelling at him, why did you tell my wife the baby was named Josef Kieth and to look at the birth certificate. i was trying to not let her know and get it changed be for she could find out. now she wont let me change it or the birth certificate with the little feet prints wont match his real name if it gets changed. and she is totally ticked at me. so now he has to stay Josef Kieth ( LOL)
                            well we Finlay broke down and took the new baby in to Rochester to visit them on April fools day ( LOL) and the girls there started calling Dillon Josef, first my older son ( Cammie age 3 1/2 ) told them hes not Josef he's Dillon. they payed no attention to him and kept calling him Josef. even after the wife old them it was Dillon.LOL i suspect some day we will have to show them the birth certificate to prove its Dillon now.LOL wonder if they will believe it was never Josef ?? well thats what the girls get for not coming to visit. LOL

                            OK so maybe it is a bit silly, but its been great fun here in this house with lots of laughs. he he he .

                            any way hope to be here more now


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                              I am glad you are doing good
                              Your story is funny but at the same time sorta sad
                              All too typical of the condition of families this day and age.
                              Do you have your parents still or is that maybe the reason for so little contact these days?
                              Regardless, keep this sort of thing in mind when you raise YOUR family.
                              My family is the total opposite of that...we have to tell extended family not to bother from time to time.


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