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Somebody tried to steal my truck

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  • Somebody tried to steal my truck

    Somebody tried to steal my 2003 ford F350 this moring, couldn't get it started though tried to cut out my alarm system, starter kill kicked in. So truck is still there, now all I have to do is get another ignition lock.

    No damage other than a couple wires off my siren and the ignition lock.

    Right in front of my house, didn't hear the siren go off.

    Thanks to the last guy who had his welding truck ripped off, a day later I had a full system installed!

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    I am glad they did NOT get your truck! Thieves are usually ruthless. Sounds like you had it pretty well secured. I hope there are a few extra precautions you can take in case they come back.

    I know how you feel. I had a '68 factory stock Chevy Camaro stolen out of driveway. I never even heard them. This was many years ago and alarms were really not heard of-at least from what I remember.

    Good luck fixing her up. A few wires and ignition should not be a big deal. Again good luck on repairs and thank goodness it was not stolen.


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      Apparently he or they got in by the drivers door, just twisted the lock on the door open, solved that today by removing both door locks and installing door handles like I have on my back doors without the lock mechanism, never used them anyways. Can't get through my back window as there is cargo rack bars in the way.

      Now they either have to smash a window, or tow it.

      Never the less the automatic starter kill is handy.


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        Man... thats stinks, glad they failed, i often worry about my cables being grabbed, we had a run of thefts here, people were breaking in to houses and cutting out the copper pipes for scrap! I had some guy steal 2,200lbs of new aluminum from my shop... i bought cameras the next day... long story short, he came back and i bagged him, now he's trying to say that he's the victim, because he had to pay restitution... makes no sense!


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          An extra relay run off a switch to kill the power to the fuel pump is also another helpfull and hide-able way to slow them down too.

          Most all of my cars have some weird security that i've built where you must turn something on to get starter power or a hidden switch that kills a relay that i added to the fuel pump system.

          this won't stop a tow truck, but it will slow down your average car thief enough to usually frustrate them out of taking your ride.


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            Originally posted by Bodybagger View Post


            people are watching you and they want to steal your truck! All they need is for you to take your eyes off it...

            ...Use a remote fuel shut off or a remote control battery shutoff. These countermeasures won't stop them, especially if they tow it... but if they are trying to boost it, it just makes it take longer and increases the chances that they will get caught in the act...
            It's getting cold and theives are getting pretty bold. I'm glad to hear your stuff didn't get ripped off.

            I would have been happier, though, if you caught the dirtbag in the act and administered the punishment for theft as prescribed by Sharia law.


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              I dont understand how you replaced your door latches. Do have a pic or two?


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                Originally posted by pyro2 View Post
                ...... long story short, he came back and i bagged him, now he's trying to say that he's the victim, because he had to pay restitution......
                Here's one vote to say we should get the long story now...


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                  really glad you still have the truck. looks like the system payed for its self after all, never have to wonder if it was worth it now.


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                    Glad they didn't succeed.

                    As the economies turn down, we'll have more and more of this.
                    Just a few weeks ago, someone went around to all the
                    unlocked cars in my neighborhood and cleaned them out
                    of loose change, GPS's, etc. They were very nice, they
                    didn't break into any cars or do any damage -- but
                    if it wasn't nailed down, it was theirs...



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                      Originally posted by Flyingpig View Post
                      I dont understand how you replaced your door latches. Do have a pic or two?

                      I'll post pics later, however mine is a crew cab, the back door latches are not keyed and installed in the same way as the drivers and passenger latches so I ordered and installed a set as well as removed the hard ware hanger that used to lock and unlock the old set with a key. Doesn't look like you can slimjim a ford truck with automatic locks. So if my batterys go dead I'm hooped getting into the truck.

                      Since the locks themselves are in a plastic retainer, all it takes for a thief is to take a screw driver and give it a quick turn to break the plastic holder and open the door. they popped my hood, quickly disabled the alarm siren and went at it on my ignition switch. My starter kill engaged, they routed around for stuff to steal and left.

                      $200 bucks later, I had a new ignition and a set of keyless door latches


                      • #12
                        Cruizer, just install a remote hot lug off the battery. If your batteries die, you can just get jumped or hook a charger to it and you're back inside.


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                          Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
                          Here's one vote to say we should get the long story now...
                          Two votes for the long story.


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                            lars66 Quote:
                            Originally Posted by MAC702
                            Here's one vote to say we should get the long story now...

                            Two votes for the long story.

                            I'll third that.


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                              Too bad a guy couldn't hook up an electric fence charger to the outside of the truck...


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