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Gibbs racing

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  • Gibbs racing

    What is all the brew ha with the Gibbs team's?

    Reads like they got pretty creative with the spacers.

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    Could you be a little more specific? Not sure what your talking about.


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      The two crew chiefs that are banned, the 50k fines.

      Seems they used magnets to alter the dyno readings by 8hp.

      Nascar rulings let Toyota get into the game with the camry. Sounds like the Ford engine may have problems making the same hp. Expect the Toyota v8 is a new design. The Ford is an older design. Thought there was something about the valve train in the Toyota uses straiter shorter pushrods. Lending itself to a stronger valve train. Would be expensive to replace the Ford engine line completely. So, the parity rulings began.

      The grumbling and fines are due to the altered dyno readings.

      Thats how I interprited what I read at any rate.

      Anyone hear anything else?


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        After the race but before the dyno test, at the track, the yotas wanted to make sure that no one knew they had more HP than anyone else so they placed magnets under the gas pedals so nascar would not be able to push the gas pedal all the way down. Nice try.


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          OK, I did hear about the magnet trick. Cleaver rascals.


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            I saw an interview with Tony Stewart and he said it was a pretty dumb thing for them to try and do because Brian Vickers car was being tested also and that they would have found out the true numbers anyways because the Red Bull team has Gibbs motors in their cars.


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              I don't really follow nascar, so maybe this is a dumb question, but, Don't you want to make more HP? If I design a better engine within the rules and it makes more HP, shouldn't I be allowed to run with that advantage.


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                Originally posted by jweller View Post
                I don't really follow nascar, so maybe this is a dumb question, but, Don't you want to make more HP? If I design a better engine within the rules and it makes more HP, shouldn't I be allowed to run with that advantage.
                NASCAR is in the entertainment business.

                It is best for the business if the entertainment is perceived as "close racing".

                Therefore NASCAR has and always will modify the rules to insure that "close racing" takes place.


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                  Nascar is a joke

                  Run what you Brung!!!!

                  Top 35 in points gets an automatic spot in the field. If little E doesn't qualify Little E don't race.

                  Last month Nascar told toyota to decrease 15 horsepower in there engines, what a crock



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                    Lots of different series have more open rules packages and it seems the teams with the biggest pocketbooks win. While this also can be the case in NASCAR at least they try and keep the playing field level.
                    That's what I like about the new car design, it takes a lot of the aerodynamics game out of things... until someone figures out a way around it and then you guessed it they come up with yet another rule!
                    As for the top 35 qualifying rule I think that was more of an insurance policy for the big dollar sponsors, not so much for the big name drivers, although they have all the big sponsors anyway so it doesn't seem to matter.

                    I guess if you consider NASCAR a joke then at least admit it's the largest viewed automotive racing joke going these days ... oh yeah and then change channels and find something more serious on!


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                      I fully admit Nascar is popular, I also watch a few races each year. but I mostly like to watch for the technical side of it. I could care less about the drivers or sponsors. Nascar has changed in the past few years. That is for sure and there has been a plateau of popularity and possibly a decline. Either way Nascar is heading in a direction I'm not comfortable with, Nascar has no business guaranteeing anyone a spot in the race, especially to suit a SPONSOR.

                      On a side note, no sport is holyer than thou. look at the olympics. full of cheaters and the 600.00 swim suit. Mike phelps gets 1,000,000 from a sponsor to do his best for the country. Later


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                        Auto racing in general was one of the first sponsor driven sports around to the best of my knowledge. Now every sport is jumping on the sponsorship bandwagon and if the teams aren't their arenas are. Money makes the world go around, or so they say, maybe someday I'll have some worth talking about and I can find out for myself. Probably not but here's to dreaming!
                        I agree the fastest cars should race on any given day, I also agree that NASCAR has been changing over the last few years. We are seeing that the little guys and single car teams are either squeezed out or are forced to partner with one of the giants in order to keep up with the technology curve.

                        It does however make me appreciate my local short track that much more and even though I get sick of the usual track politics bs, all in all its a pretty level playing field and a whole lotta fun!!!

                        I also really enjoy watching the truck series and the occasional nationwide race as well. Nice to see some of the smaller teams break through for a good finish every now and again!


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                          Good, Bad or otherwise racing is a show for a paying spectator.

                          The history of racing has been death defying , until today. Some of the racing is as safe or safer than driving on the interstate. I said some of the racing.

                          I don't have any problem with that. As long as the show is good.

                          Nascar is big business, and with that, all the big business stuff. Personaly I enjoyed it more when it was less mainstream.

                          But the topic at had points to something bigger. Toyota came in with a new engine design. Ford and Chevy have some history and inventory. There is always an advantage to the last entry of a design.

                          Honestly I don't follow it enough to know the ins and outs of the technology.

                          Was hoping a discussion would start on the technology side.

                          My problem with the tv coverage is I really dont have any interest in how the drivers feel. I'm more interested in what they do on the track. And how they push the technology envelope.


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                            Actually last season Chevy came out with a new block and I think heads. It was right before the Gibbs and Childress cars had problems with the new cable driven fuel pump.

                            I don't remember if Ford and Dodge had any new developments at that time, or since that. But I do know that the Toyota's have got their deal figured out. Is TRD still building all the motors or are Toyota teams building their own these days? I TRD is still the sole builder, I'd imagine that having that many different cars and combinations could play a part in the development and tuning aspect of things!


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                              I had an old racer tell me at a young age " Everything's legal until you get caught"
                              These teams build start building a car and drivetrain by reading the rule book.
                              The rules are there in black and white. If it's not in the rulebook it's a grey area. That's where you try to get a leg up on the other teams before you even unload at the track.
                              I think that Roush has cried enough about Toyota that Nascar has been watching a little closer....... and while they are watching Toyota closer, what are the other teams doing????
                              In the end there is no substitue for cubic Dollars.
                              Just my 2 cents


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