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need help with tree problem, bug?? illness ???

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  • need help with tree problem, bug?? illness ???

    in a matter of 1-2 days the leaves on my peach tree went all freaky looking. any one know if this is bug or illness and maybe what to do about it ??? atached pic'c of the problem.
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    DUDE....This is the MOTORSPORTS forum

    But I'll have whatever it is yer havin'


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      Call you county extension agent. In your area:

      Cornell Cooperative Extension
      249 Highland Ave.
      Rochester, NY 14620
      Phone: 585-461-1000
      Fax: 585-442-7577

      Ask for the horticulture agent.


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        James, It's kinda hard to tell in the pictures but it kinda looks like the citrus canker we get down here in the orange groves. I don't know if it would effect peach trees or even be that far up north but, I would definitely check into to this tree problem as soon as possible. Down here if a tree is infected with the canker virus they cut down all citrus trees in a 1900 foot radius to the one infected. One of my clients lost over 600 acres of citrus trees last year because of the citrus canker. I hope it's nothing like that but does kinda look like it, especially the 3rd and 4th pics. Dave
        Last edited by dabar39; 05-27-2008, 07:04 PM.


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          Originally posted by dabar39 View Post
          One of my clients lost over 600 acres of citrus trees last year because of the citrus canker. Dave


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            Quick search ... thousands of links ..... pictures too.

            Have fun .....




            Isn't there a horticultural forum somewhere in cyberspace this question would've fit better in??????????????


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              i dont trust my memory, but i think its Sberry that has a huge farm, i thought he might have a clue to what it is. i'll go out tomarow and weld a wheelie bar to the tree so the question will fit in better ok.

              thanks markll


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                Originally posted by Iron Head
                What brand of wood rod do you use for such a task?
                It's easy. The cellulose flux on 6010 works fine.

                "Isn't there a horticultural forum somewhere in cyberspace this question would've fit better in???"

                It's OK, Mark. JAMES (fun4now) earns his keep.
                Last edited by Craig in Denver; 05-27-2008, 08:14 PM.


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                  Suspect it needs to be stick welded, at least for the root


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                    My first thought was that he was cutting to close to the tree with the abrasive saw. Looks like rust to me. Maybe it's a steel peach tree with a poor paint job?


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                      Your gonna need some strong stuff to kill those bumps.LOL

                      But seriously, better to cut it down now then to loose many more to that cancer.



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                        Did you try looking closely at the underside of the leaves? perhaps there is some form of small bug present? use a loop or magnefyin gglass to get good look. Look for webs, silk, small blakc turds etc. It may give you and idea. It may not... But good luck none the less.


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                          I might guess coton root rot cuase of the soil y'all got up north. My dad owns a garden center here in texas I'll ask him when he gets home he'll brobably know.

                          Did you spray any weed killers or spread any "weed and feeds"? they usauly do more harm than help.
                          Last edited by 2tay530; 06-05-2008, 07:02 AM.


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                            no sprays till after it occurred. i did spread some lawn feed, the scots water smart fertilizer. crazy expensive stuff.

                            the tree is doing much better now. i sprayed it with a plant oil (cant remember its name) and picked off any deformed or effected leaves. left it with a few less leaves but its looking good now. whatever it was seemed to go with the leaves as its not recurring.
                            looks like we get our peaches this year after all. it also dose not seem to have spread to the new peach, cherry, and apple trees we planted. so if i remember to spray them first thing next summer or spring we should be ok.

                            thanks for all the help.


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