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S.s Mig ?

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  • S.s Mig ?

    if i want to MIG SS do i still back gas with strait argon, even if i MIG with try-mix ? or should i be back gassing with try-mix?
    looking to try a little MIG on SS and want to know what all i need for best results. i have strait argon, strait Co2, and an empty 80 tank. so i was planing on filling with try-mix for SS and started thinking about what would be best for my back gas?????
    so whats the best option ???
    thanks guys

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    ONLY pure argon or nitrogen.or you will get poor results.


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      Tri Mix

      The best Gas to MIG Stainless is a Tri Mix 90% Helium 7.5% Argon 2.5% Co2
      For TIG Pure Argon
      I don't think nitrogen would work for either process.
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        Just a little clarification....while the 'best' gas for welding stainless is a 90/7.5/2.5 blend, this is true for short arc only. for higher voltages and thicker materials, blends like 90%AR/8%CO2/2%O2, and for pulse welding, 66.1%AR/33%He/.9%CO2 work very well.
        As for Tig stainless, look into a Hydrogen blend of 2% for thinner material and 5% for heavier. This applies only to 300series stainless steels. The Hydrogen is a reducing gas that increases fluidity in the puddle, reduces oxides, increases heat input for faster travel speeds, and the appearance is beautiful. I will see if I can find my camera and post a pic or two of some of my tig welds using an Argon/Hydrogen Blend.
        As for purging...pure argon works pretty much the best.
        another option to purging is using a backing paste. The only problem with using something like Solar B flux, is cleaning it afterwards is a bit of a pain.

        Hope it helped.


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          For your mig (MM 135--Short Arc) tri-mix is the best gas for welding.

          100% Argon is the best gas for purging (back gassing).


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            thanks SundownIII & sparx.


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              I found an older picture on my computer of a tig weld done with 2% Hydrogen on 316 plate. notice the heat affected zone is pretty small compared to those of argon welds. I did a 'speed' test with an outside corner weld on 3/16 ss plate, no filler, 20 seconds of arc/travel time. The pure argon got me about 4" of travel, the 2% H2 blend got about 6-1/2" of travel, and the 5% H2 blend, I ran out of material (10" long coupons) so I figured I would get about 11 or 12" of travel with the 5% H2/Argon.
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