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mig welding wire and tip problems

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  • mig welding wire and tip problems

    I am new at mig welding. My latest problem is that the .035 fluxcore mig wire will not go through the Miller .035 tips --- they will bind up !
    I am using Blueshield LA T-14 and Unifil 2 , E71T-GS fluxcore .035 welding wire , and have Miller .035 tips. Have shown the problem to my welding store staff but have not received a answer for that problem.The Miller rep for my area tells me that I should be using a larger size tip for welding with fluxcore wire. I should use maybe .045 tips for .035 fluxcore wire. When I first bought that MM 175 , I used a roll of .035 fluxcore wire with .035 tip , and did not seem to have the problem I have now .Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong , or if there is a size change for different welding wire or maybe tips ? Maybe a different size in wire diameter for different wire brands ?
    Woud appreciate your assistance with this problem -- it has me stumped !

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    Some fluxcore wire isn't perfectly round like solid wire because of how it is made. It starts out flat and then is shaped into the round after the flux is added. So you may need a bigger tip and you don't have too many size options over .035...Bob


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      Agreed. I've never needed a bigger tip for those sizes of FC wires, but I have run them through the next size up when I didn't have the correct one. Give it a shot.


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        check the drive wheels tension, if you go to tight you can flatten the wire. stay as loose as you can get away with, or go up a size.


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          Along the wire, tip, feed line, another question

          Good Day,
          I am also new to the craft and am currently using .023 wire and 75/25 in a MM150. I have changed the liner to work with the .023 per my local arcet's instruction and tips as well. I've noticed if the gun cable has too much of a flex in it the wire dissolves back to the tip due to feed stoppage. I've adjusted the feed rolls with marginal results. Have any of you observed this and how is it minmalized? Thanks in advance


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            Fun For Now, I was thinking the same thing as you, Overtightened drive rolls.

            However I have very little experience with flux core.

            How to adjust drive rolls is to feed wire out of the tip, when it gets to the point where you can barely stop the wire while pinching it between your fingers you know your there.
            If you cant stop it your to tight.


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              You will probably have to stay with .035 tip

              The next size of common tip is .045 which is probably way to big for the wire. I have used the .035 Hobart, Lincoln, and Weldmark flux-cored wire and never needed a bigger tip. Is your tension adjustment too high? Maybe the wire is being flattened too much by the drive roll, which is a common problem with flux-core. I have a MM 175 and had a Lincoln 3200 (125 from Home Depot).
              replying about .025 wire....expect a lot of bird nesting if there is much of a bend, even in a 10 foot gun. I tried to stay with .030 wire in my Lincoln 3200/125 as it couldn't burn off .035 solid wire very well and .025 is not very rigid and requires high feed speed on anything over about 16 guage.
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                Originally posted by JgishODU99 View Post
                Good Day,
                I am also new to the craft and am currently using .023 wire and 75/25 in a MM150. I have changed the liner to work with the .023 per my local arcet's instruction ...
                The normal so-called .030/.035" liner that ships with the machine is just fine for .023". I've run a lot of .023" with no problems in a MM130, MM175, HH135, HH210, MM Passport, Lincoln SP-135+, SP-175T, and a Craftsman 120V unit, all with the normal liner, so I can't comment on what the smaller liner might do.

                Sounds like they just wanted to sell a liner.


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                  get the tip hot and dip it in some welding gell. i would still take a close look at the wire to see if its getting deformed. run some out and look close at it.


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                    You could give a set of knurled rollers a try, they will feed flux core and other similar wire types very effectively with minimal drive roll tension. It made a night and day difference when we swapped our metal core machine at work over to knurleds drives from v-groove drive rolls.

                    I would also try taking your gun out and blowing out the liner, guide tubes, etc. with compressed air, if you haven't already. I've seen some of those little dust bunnies grow big enough to almost stop the wire from feeding. (Our shop is just a tad dirty. )

                    Good luck.


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