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350 Chevy engine?

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  • 350 Chevy engine?

    Looking for our resident Chevy experts. I have a 350 4 bolt that as far as I know came from a 74 pickup. It has HEI and I was wondering if the valve seats are hardened? I think they might be as they were anticipating the no-lead coming. Engine number VO521TJC.

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    I would guess yes, but it's pretty moot at this point. If you plan on using for any appreciable amount of driving it probably needs a rebuild anyhow, if its just a light use thing, then run it as long as you can. If your going the Hi-perf route you should ditch the factory castings anyhow, or at least update to vortecs.


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      Here is some info for ya....


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        This is for a simple pump engine, low rpm and I think these are hardened now that I clean them up. Very little wear on valves and it will take just a touch of grind, maybe not even needed and the seats could stand to be touched. My engine guy will be here tomorrow and we will see, just got finished cleaning the parts. We are leaving the bottom alone and what worried me was head gaskets that had been there over 30 yrs, they were steel but flawless, might not had to take it apart except for some broken springs and I wanted to replace the valve seals and clean the carbon. This is getting propane carb, we actually ran this engine before this and it worked very well, the comp test was almost perfect but I didn't trust the gaskets and am putting new timing set in also. I pulled a rod cap and it looks like new.


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          It will get a oil pan mod similar to this one including a sight glass. They run a long time with the no lead heads, used to be a valve grind was a regular chore with old engines running on LP but these work well.
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            Here is a similar unit in place, this one is a 383. I bought one with seized engine with fairly new pump for 300$ including the LP parts and the Chevy was a direct hookup other than engine mounts. This engine didn't burn oil and ran super sweet, really flew but I was interested in some PM basically.
            The last pic is the unit this Chevy is in, its since been modified somewhat.
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              Small hijack, Cary...

              You guys know those stupid pictograms and math codes that the scientists added to our deep space probes that aliens can decipher to learn about us? And of course, most of use can't figure them out?

              I think they should have used this code: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

              Because, after all, if they can't build a Chevy small block, they'd never get off the ground...
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                WOW, do you have to knw firing order for sb chevys over there? Just kidding, glad to see you back on the site.


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                  Haven't even seen a Chevy here. There's a few Fords, but mostly Toyotas.

                  I imported my Toyota from Japan, a Previa-style minivan with a 5-speed and a turbo-charged diesel. Try getting that in the US!


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                    Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
                    Haven't even seen a Chevy here. There's a few Fords, but mostly Toyotas.

                    I imported my Toyota from Japan, a Previa-style minivan with a 5-speed and a turbo-charged diesel. Try getting that in the US!
                    ... you cant get one here .
                    a street racing buddy of mine had a nissan SR20 turbo motor imported a while back

                    id take that minivan up to nothin but a floor pan and maka me something cool


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