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do it like it says!!

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  • do it like it says!!

    I was thinking, this is a motor sports board so lets see some of your motor sports pictures!!

    This is the closet I could find to what my mom owns (I'm 13 not quiet mature enough for this yet!!

    Ours is blak and we usualy leav the top on, but it doesn't realy make a differance!!

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    What does that have to do with welding?


    • #3
      Its motor sports dumb... I mean unkind sir!


      • #4
        It is a welding forum child!


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          Originally posted by KEENAVV View Post
          It is a welding forum child!
          With all dew respect, the child is right. click on the forum jump button and you will see the three different forums, "welding discussions", "welding projects" and "motorsports". This one is Motorsports.


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            he may be a little of base,but i think its good that a 13yr old has interest in this forum.may be we should welcome new comers instead of putting them down.just my two cents....been too much bs on this site to chase people away.....bill


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              Sorry to step on your toes, welcome.

              I am glad young people are interested in welding, I think.

              It was a simple question, nice pic of a car that I could never afford, still would like to know why I am an "unkind sir".

              Oh well..


              • #8
                mybe there is hope for this generation...he did call you sir


                • #9
                  True, true.

                  Last time I was called sir it was followed by "please step out of the car"


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                    Originally posted by tnjind View Post
                    True, true.

                    Last time I was called sir it was followed by "please step out of the car"
                    thats FUNNY!!!


                    • #11
                      Heck with the Vette. Where's the photos of Mom.


                      • #12
                        hey guy's, thanks for standing up for me. I've been here for awhile, and well long enough to know what some poeple do.

                        but anyways, I'll have to find our digital and get some pictures of our real covette and my mom.
                        I had two user names and forgot witch one I started it with.


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                          Glad to see you're back, what is it that some people do? Post some real pics, everyone here love pics,



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                            tnjind, although his pic may have been a little off base and I understand WHY you said that, at least it was a pic of a car and not his model airplane!!!!
                            Our job is to get him to be interested in welding and at his age, he'll make/invent a fiberglass rod to weld his mom's (pic please) vette in 10 years!!! You were a big man for apologizing, hats off to you!!!!!!!!!!
                            Far as the other jokes, I was rotflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                              OK, I'll play.


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