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Miller Welding Discussion Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Why can't I log in?

In order to log in to the message board, you will need to have completed all the steps in the short registration process. If you have registered but cannot remember your password, leave the password field blank and click "Log in". Follow the "Forgotten Your Password" link.

If you still cannot log in, fill out the Contact Us email form with a description of the problem, your user name, and any error message you received when trying to log in.

I have a technical welding problem and would like immediate help. What should I do?

If you would like to speak to someone directly, rather than post your question, call 1-920-734-9821 or Email Us.

How do I post a reply or new question?

To post a reply on a current thread, go into that thread and click the "Post Reply" button. To begin your own thread, click the "New Thread" button on the main message board page.

Why can't I post?

You cannot post to the message board until you have registered and received a confirmation email. You must follow the link in that email before you can post on these forums. Until you do that, you will be told that you do not have permission to post.

If you have done that and still cannot post, Contact Us with a description of the problem and any error message you received when trying to post.

I never received a confirmation email after registering. What should I do?

If an hour has passed and you still haven't received a confirmation email, please fill out the Contact Us email form and someone will assist you. It's possible that the confirmation email was caught by a spam filter.

How do I add a photo to my message?

Message Board members are able to attach images for other readers to view.

• If you already have a digital photo in JPG or GIF format, under 100 KB, you’re ready to go! Proceed to section 1 below.
• If you already have a digital photo hosted online at a third-party site that allows external linking, you’re ready to go! (Examples of this are:, and possibly your personal or corporate web site.) Proceed to section 2 below.
• If you have large images straight from your digital camera or scanner and want to learn more about making them message-board ready, start at section 3.
• Want more info on adding ZIP, TXT, DOC and other file formats? See “What Are Attachments?” in this Message Board FAQ.

To attach an image file to a new post, click the [Manage Attachments] button at the bottom of the post composition page. In the popup window, click on [Choose File] and locate the image that you want to attach from your local hard drive. Click [Upload]. After posting, the attachment will display in the body of your message.

While entering your post, click on the “Insert Image” icon (#9 of 15 editing icons above content-entry box). In the popup window, enter the full URL of the location of your image (http://www…) and click [OK]. You will see IMG tags around your URL. After posting, the image will display in the body of your message.

There are dozens of ways to resize and compress photos for web. We touch on only two (easy and free!) ways here.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP -

The “Image Resizer” PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click. Simply download the software at the link above (ImageResizer.exe) and install it on Windows XP. After installation, right-click on any image file and select “Resize Picture” from the menu. In the popup window, we recommend you select “Small (640 x 480)”, “Handheld PC (240 x 320)” or a unique “Custom” size, found under the “Advanced” toggle button. Click OK and you’re done! Keep in mind that the attachment file size limit for this message board is 100 KB.

Picasa -

Picasa is free photo management software from Google that helps you find, edit and share your pictures. Picasa automatically organizes all your image files into collections of folders inside its main Library view.

See this web page for getting started:

When you have the photo(s) you want for the message board loaded into your Picture Tray, click the “Export” button to save them as new JPEG files. You can choose the JPEG quality and picture size at this time. Keep in mind that the attachment file size limit for this message board is 100 KB. You may have to reduce the quality and dimensions of your photo to reach this file size.

More detail is available here:

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