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Lathe milling.

I can use my mill but just want to show others how to do it if they only have a lathe..
  1. small cutter in er40 collet chuck
  2. cutting slot
  3. another rule shot. plumb
  4. rule should be plumb up and down when on center
  5. using steel rule to find center of the shaft. use a point and push it against the rule. if it leans left at the top its too low. leans right at the...
  6. milling block
  7. milling block 3
  8. this is what the angle plate was designed for to make these parts.
  9. milling block. using collet chuck to hold small end mill cutter
  10. slot for carriage bolt
  11. first slot done. The ends of the slot were pre drilled to line up the cutter then the part clamped for the cut.
  12. number 3 MT end mill holder. Goes thru the spindle and had a nut on the other end.
  13. compound removed and angle plate put in its place
  14. angle plate to hold part
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