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VT-25 rebuilding progress

Trinity trailer
being reskinned completely
adding a few more feet in length
adding a drop axle.
new liner, led lights, wheels, fenders bows, rhino lined interior, wiring, brakes.
it'll be like a brand new trailer when done.
  1. heres the trailer complete I have a few more pictures ill upload lAter
  2. here the rear gate has been removed. I'll be adding a few feet more and shortening the wheel span on the 3 stock axles to make room for the drop axle...
  3. 10 days laters nearly all the panels are off. this trailer had as many as 3 layers of patches in some places. which made it difficult to cut out.
  4. getting ready to strip it down wiring goes first
  5. this trailer has been patch up do many times that it nearly weights 25% its original weight. 
customer want it completely rebuild with a 4th axle...
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