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Some of my recent welding projects.
  1. Trinity trailer rebuilding. New skin.wheels.  suspension. paint. liner. tarp. tarp bows. fenders. belting. led lighting. wiring.
  2. picture of the new liner installed
  3. here's a picture of the Trinity trailer I rebuild earlier this past year. new wheels, interior liner, paint,and decals. looks brand new.
  4. all done. welded on new fender and step. On-Site customer was very satisfied.
  5. here I'm replacing a damaged step & fender
  6. here's a handrail I fab & installed at a local church
  7. some of my aluminum welding on a diesel fuel tank. with my 211.
  8. here is the kingpin plate removed
  9. here's a new kingpin in welding. replacement in a Trinity trailer
  10. beginning with the floor pan.
  11. Trinity trailer being reskined completely
  12. reinforced twisted frame near airbag bracket
  13. backside of my business card
  14. replaced wornout liner in a 50' Trinity
  15. all done. welded & tested.
  16. aluminum fuel tanks cut shorter
  17. stretched star trailer all done 9 days later
  18. cart build for a miller 130xp
  19. My Business Card
  20. 42' Star Trailer Stretched
  21. 48' Trinity Trailer Reskined
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Welding Projects

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