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Just misc stuff I made. Some for business, some for pleasure.
  1. dog
  2. birdie
  3. Some of my stuff on display to sell.
  4. Rings I make with old silverware.
  5. More GTAW on the hot rod frame
  6. Wrenchzilla, I made using old wrenches and the chain was from my old garage door opener.
  7. part of the frame for the hotrod. I used SMAW process for all the frame welding. GTAW for the smaller components
  8. brackets for the stabilizers on the before mentioned hotrod
  9. more welding on hotrod frame
  10. fixture I was commissioned to make for an art class a friends does.
  11. copper bracelets I make
  12. thread check/ length adjuster I make and  sale.
  13. more abstract art from old tools
  14. Me posing for an Art Show
  15. more turtles with spoons
  16. Gtaw a rooster onto SS plate
  17. crank shaft/ torque converter coffee table.
  18. beetle with railroad spike
  19. abstract art with car junk
  20. humming bird with spoons
  21. teaching my son to weld vertical with smaw process
  22. my second pick axe mantis
  23. turtle
  24. doodling with old silverware.
  25. hammerhead shark
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