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work stuff

  1. gland bolt up build up
  2. a used and abused cylinder piston and bolts ripped off the rod.
  3. plug welds
  4. trunin pin crack air arc
  5. turning the weld and tube
  6. those were 1.250" bolts!
  7. chcuking tabs welded on 12.500" diameter waiting for turning and plating
  8. during welding of bore
  9. done welding
  10. bore had to be bored out to 21.and change?" ha ha
  11. here is the old cracked eye
  12. setup for welding a bore
  13. the rig in use (picture should be rotated 90* right)
  14. face machined
  15. bore cut to size
  16. same kind of rod, took a unbent rod and welded it to an uncracked eye just to give you an idea that rod is 11" in diameter
  17. this was a crack repair. oxy/fuled, and chased the crack with air arc down 2" before i talked the boss into putting it in the boring mill.  it ended...
  18. start of build up
  19. near the end
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