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Dynasty/Maxstar Set-Up Videos and Dynasty Quick Reference Guide Available

Download the Dynasty Quick Reference Guide and view helpful videos regarding Dynasty/Maxstar set-up and functionality

Miller Dynasty® and Maxstar® TIG Welder Set-up and Operation (Complete Video)
Learn about the features and functionality of the front panels on the Dynasty® and Maxstar® TIG welding products.  Also included  are the basic guidelines for how- to set parameters to help improve welding results.

Pulse TIG Welding Explained
Improve your weld puddle control by using the Pulser function on  the Miller Dynasty® and Maxstar® TIG welders.   Also explained is how to set and adjust the Pulser function  as well as the benefits of using this feature. 

Using the Weld Sequencer Function on Miller Dynasty® and Maxstar® TIG Welders
The Weld Sequencer feature can help make repetitive welds consistent and easy.   Learn how to set up a weld sequence and about the various applications. 

Aluminum TIG Welding:  AC Balance Explained
Proper AC Balance settings are critical to weld performance, quality, and tungsten life when TIG Welding.   Learn  why AC Balance is important as well as how and where to set this critical parameter on Miller Dynasty and Maxstar welders.

TIG Welding: Tungsten Selection and Preparation
Tungsten is often overlooked as a critical element in the welding process.  Learn about the different types  of tungsten, which diameters to use and how to properly prepare your tungsten to get the best TIG welding results.

Aluminum TIG Welding: Adjusting AC Frequency on the Miller Dynasty® for  Improved TIG Welding Results
Learn how to adjust AC  frequency  to gain greater arc puddle control when TIG welding aluminum on Miller Maxstar or Dynasty TIG welders.

Miller Dynasty and Maxstar TIG Welder Set-up Menu and Operation
Welder set-up Menus offer advanced functions that are not often adjusted,  but can greatly improve your welding operations.  View a demonstration on how to access and use these menus to get the most out of your Dynasty® and Maxstar® TIG welding products.   



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