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Holiday Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season of giving, so whether you’re shopping for a beginner or experienced welder, Miller has the perfect holiday gift ideas!


30FX F-Series ArcStation™


Workbenches for Welders 
Welders choose a 30-by-30-inch or 30-by-60-inch S-Series ArcStation™ , a 3/16-inch solid or 3/8-inch X-pattern tabletop, and customize it with optional accessories, including X-clamps, tool chest, weld curtain, vise, and an assortment of shelving options. Need something more portable? Designed to offer portability and space savings, the 30FX F-Series ArcStation™ has a folding design, convenient handle and wheels that offer the ability to take the 74-pound bench to the job site or to move freely around a shop or garage. And since it folds down into a compact size, it’s easy to store. 


Millermatic® 211 Auto-Set™ w/MVP™


The Best First Welder
MIG welding is the easiest process to learn, making a Millermatic® all-in-one wire welding package a great gift for any beginner. Consider the easy-to-operate Millermatic® 140 Auto-Set™, Millermatic® 180 Auto-Set™ or Millermatic® 211 Auto-Set™ w/MVP™. The Millermatic® 211 Auto-Set™ w/MVP™ MIG welder packs a class-leading 3/8-inch-thick welding capacity into a highly portable case. Featuring Auto-Set™ to eliminate the need to set voltage and wire feed speed, and MVP (Multi-Voltage Plug) for quick and tool-less change over between 120V and 230V input power, this unit is ideal for welding in maintenance, farm, home, hobbyist and personal-use applications.  


Diversion™ 180 AC/DC with MVP™


Step Up to TIG    
Is the welder on your gift list ready for the control and precision of TIG welding? If so, then consider Diversion™ 180 AC/DC with MVP™ TIG welder. This easy-to-use, AC/DC TIG welder puts more control in the hands of first-time TIG welders, from the ability to connect to 115V or 230V receptacles with the MVP (Multi-Voltage Plug) and 180-amp max power output, to a digital interface for accurate adjustments and integrated with fingertip control and foot pedal remote control. For discerning TIG welders, nothing beats the control of advanced inverter technology and the Dynasty® 200.


Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™


“Cutting Edge” Gifts 
Plasma Cutters slice through any metal like a hot knife through butter—plus they’re fun, and are easy to use! Check out Miller’s new line of Spectrum® 375 and 625 X-TREME™ Plasma cutters which have been re-engineered and are packed with new technology that delivers even more power in the same highly portable packages. Combined with an all-new XT torch designed to fit more comfortably in the hands of the user, consumers will experience the ultimate combination of power, precision and portability.  



Affordable Accessories 
Consider the gift of a ’64 Custom Performance™ Series  auto-darkening helmet, Miller's mid-range helmet for all welding applications. Or choose the Blue Heat Pro-Hobby™ Series auto-darkening helmet great for light-duty applications. Both offer many of the same features as our top-of-the-line series, including Miller’s cutting-edge graphics, but with a more affordable price tag. The Miller line of Arc Armor® Welding Protection offers an unmatched blend of style, comfort and performance ideal for the home hobbyist to the semi-professional welder. Miller’s portfolio includes auto-darkening welding helmets, safety glasses, gloves, apparel and other accessories to keep your welder covered in comfort and style!



Miller Gear at the Company Store
If you still haven’t found that perfect gift, you can’t go wrong with something from the Company Store. You’ll find Miller sweatshirts, caps, jackets—even a GPS system! 


Ready to shop?
To make your shopping easier, we’ll help you find a Miller welding distributor close to home. Simply enter your zip code and we will provide you a list of local Miller distributors for you to choose from. 


Happy Holidays (and Shopping)... Miller wishes you a safe and holiday and a wonderful new year!

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