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TIG Welding Basics DVD Sneak Peeks

Thinking about buying the new TIG Welding Basics DVD? Check out the sample clips below!

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TIG welding has been long recognized as the premiere welding process, which can make beautiful, strong welds on nearly any metal. In this easy-to-follow program, Ron Covell covers the basic processes used for TIG welding, covering proper machine setup, joint preparation, electrode selection and preparation, torch technique, and perhaps most importantly, what to check for when things go wrong! Ron’s thoughtful description of the welding process, coupled with the close-up photography that brings the action into clear view makes the seemingly difficult process of TIG welding easy to understand. (80 min.)
Electrode (Tungsten) Contamination
See an actual weld made where the TIG filler rod touches the tungsten electrode, thus contaminating the tungsten.  A closeup of the contaminated weld and tungsten shows a need to cut off one-half inch of the tungsten and start the weld over.
(Duration: 1 min. 45 sec.)
Welding 1/16" Copper
See a weld made on 1/16” copper, using angle plate to hold the weldment, DCEN, and deoxidized copper filler rod.  Discusses needing more heat for copper, and the ease of shaping the weld after welding.
(Duration: 3 min. 07 sec.)
TIG Welding Tubing
Tubing can be demanding and complicated, but weld it in sections and use a gas lens for tight joints.  Keep the torch perpendicular to the weld joint for best results.
(Duration: 1 min. 10 sec.)
Welding Aluminum foil together
See how two pieces of aluminum foil, one-thousandths of an inch thick, can be welded.  Use a fixture to hold the foil, and with fast travel speed, make the weld.
(Duration: 1 min. 13 sec.)


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