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Advanced TIG Welding DVD Sneak Peeks

Thinking about buying the new Advanced TIG Welding DVD? Check out the sample clips below!

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This program covers many advanced topics in TIG welding, including welding chrome moly steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, bronze, copper and titanium. You'll also learn how to weld castings made from aluminum, magnesium and bronze. Clear guidelines are given for using the pulse and waveform adjustments that many new welders have, along with great practical advice on machine setup, joint preparation and weld finishing. Ron's clear and detailed instructions are easy to follow, and the striking close-up photography shows you exactly what to look for as you weld.  (111 min.)
 Welding Silicon Bronze Plate 
Ron Covell takes you through the entire process, from joint preparation, through the tacking and finish welding. After the final sanding, the weld is undetectable!
(Duration: 3 min. 12 sec.)
 Creating a Truss from Chrome Moly Steel Tubing
Learn how to get precise fits when building a truss from tubing. Tight joints are essential for high-performance airframe and racecar chassis construction.
(Duration: 2 min. 5 sec.)
 Welding Cast Aluminum
Ron shows how a fixture can ensure perfect alignment when tack welding the delicate components of a motorcycle oil tank.
(Duration: 1 min. 45 sec.)

 Welding Chrome Moly Plate to Heavy Wall Tubing
Get tips for high-amperage welding on thick chrome moly sections, and learn why heat-treating is essential for certain applications.(Duration: 2 min. 5 sec.)



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