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Miller SuitCase® Feeder Selection Chart
Selection Criteria SuitCase 12RC SuitCase X-TREME 8VS SuitCase X-TREME 12VS Selection Guidance
Application Requirements
Feeder Type Remote Control (constant speed) Voltage Sensing Voltage Sensing Use RC feeders when welding procedures or codes specify wire feed speed and voltage parameters.
Power Source Compatibility CV Power Source (must have 14-pin connection) DC1 CC/CV DC1 CC/CV VS feeders offer flexibility, as they work with almost any welder.2
Physical Specifications
Spool Size/Capacity 8 in/14 lb or 12 in/45 lb 8 in/14 lb 8 in/14 lb or 12 in/45 lb Use 12RC or 12VS for larger wire spools, use 8VS when weight and size are a factor.
Weld Performance
Duty Cycle 500 Amps at 100% 330 Amps at 60% 425 Amps at 60% Use 12RC or 12VS to maximize deposition rates with larger wires.
Recommended Distance Between Feeder and Power Source 75 ft (150 ft "round trip" cable length) 400+ ft (distance depends on the power source, weld cable size, and welding amperages) 400+ ft (distance depends on the power source, weld cable size, and welding amperages) Use VS feeders when longer distances between the power source and feeder are required.
Simplicity & Control
Number of Feeder Connections Back to Power Source 2 (weld cable, 24 VAC power/14-pin control cable) 1 (weld cable) 1 (weld cable) VS feeders have less cable to carry, damage, or lose.
Remote Control Capabilities Voltage Set at Feeder Voltage or Current Set at Power Source Voltage or Current Set at Power Source RC feeders add convenience — no need to return to the power source to adjust voltage parameters.
Gas Purge, Wire Jog, and Trigger Hold

Standard Features:
- Gas Purge
- Wire Jog (inside case)
- Trigger Hold

Front Panel (all standard) Front Panel (all standard) VS and RC feeders have most often used controls conveniently located on front panel.
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  1. Not recommended for use with AC power sources.
  2. When paired with a CC power source, a VS feeder will vary wire feed speed (WFS) to maintain voltage. As such, accuracy of parameters and deposition rates cannot be guaranteed. For critical welds, Miller recommends using a CV power source.

Note: Use CV power source for best performance when wire welding. Also, set VS feeder to "CV mode" and welder to "CV or volt sense feeder mode" if applicable.

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