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70 Series Models & Pricing

 Models AvailableStock #Mfg. List
Price US$ *
  D-74D W/LOW SPEED RIGHT SIDE ONLY300620004$5408.00 
  S-74D CONTROL BOX HIGH SPEED300882001$1370.00 
  S-74DX W/GOUGE CONTROL BOX300883001$1814.00 
  D-74D CONTROL BOX HIGH SPEED300887001$1674.00 
  PKG,S-74S, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951196$1934.00 
  PKG,S-74S W/HI SPD MTR, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951197$2155.00 
  PKG,S-74D, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951198$2711.00 
  PKG,S-74D W/HI SPD MTR, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951199$2955.00 
  PKG,S-74DX, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951200$3248.00 
  PKG,S-74DX W/HI SPD MTR, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951201$3588.00 
  PKG,S-74DX W/LOW SPD MTR, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951202$3588.00 
  PKG,D-74S, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951203$4274.00 
  PKG,D-74D, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951204$5168.00 
  PKG,D-74D W/HI SPD MTR, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951205$5828.00 
  PKG,D-74DX, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951206$5989.00 
  PKG,D-74DX W/HI SPD MTR, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951207$6350.00 
  PKG,S-74 MPA PLUS, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951291$2866.00 
  PKG, D-74 MPA PLUS, Q4015, DR ROLL KIT951292$4649.00 
  PKG,S-74S, M4015-45, DR ROLL KIT951568$1925.00 
  PKG,S-74D, M4015-45, DR ROLL KIT951569$2702.00 

74S = Standard Feeder, basic design

74D = Feeder with Digital Meters

74DX = Deluxe Feeder with Full Featured with Digital Meters

high speed motor = Allows a larger parameter operating window for small diameter wires at a higher voltages.

* All prices are U.S. dollars and reflect Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the U.S. market. Tax, delivery and setup not included. Actual selling price determined by the Distributor. Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional items may be required for welding, such as shielding gas, consumables, and safety equipment.

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