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Together, Miller and weld operators help build our growing world. As the need for weld operators also grows, Miller helps to build their skills with the LiveArc™ Welding Performance Management System: an advanced welding trainer combining simulator and live arc welding benefits in one easy-to-use system. Miller-exclusive SmartGun technology and an intuitive graphical interface make the LiveArc system a valuable recruiting and screening tool — while instructors depend on it as an essential teaching and performance-evaluation device.

Together, we build skills. Together, we build experience. With LiveArc, we build careers.

  • builds-higher-skills

    Builds higher skill levels

    The Miller LiveArc system:

    • Uses a live arc for a real welding experience
    • Delivers immediate, objective feedback to improve key performance parameters
    • Builds welding abilities with customizable and Miller-designed assignments
    • Shows skill improvement over time by recording operator performance
  • faster-results

    Produces faster results

    LiveArc speeds training with:

    • An intuitive platform that requires minimal orientation before weld lessons can begin
    • Less familiarization time, since both weld simulations and live arc welding occur on the same machine
    • Minimal supervision requirements, so operators can train effectively even in the absence of instructors
  • cost-effective

    Provides a cost-effective solution

    Cut expenses and make resources go further with LiveArc benefits:

    • Weld simulation mode saves money on coupons, wire and gas
    • Simulation mode provides a solid welding technique baseline to accelerate live arc welding training
    • Valuable teaching assignments help instructors deliver more-effective, more-efficient lessons
    • Operator-selectable assignments let experienced weld operators spend less time training new hires and more time welding
    • System is designed with a sturdy ArcStation™ base to ensure durability and long life
    • Backed by the 1-year Miller True Blue Warranty.

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