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TIG Software Updates & Expansions


Download the most up-to-date, innovative software solutions for your TIG welder instantly to a memory card for enhanced performance.

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System Software Installation Instructions [PDF]

Dynasty/Maxstar 280 Series
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(301153N effective Jun-04-15)

In this update:

  • Cooler Power Supply operation change – turn off cooler during extended non-weld time (CPS models only)
  • General bug fixes and standardization

Includes these previous revision changes:

  • Firmware upgrade to support variations of the AC Independent expansion
  • Changes to the Cooler Power Supply menu (CPS models only)
  • Increased functionality for the Modbus software expansion
  • Cooler Power deactivated in Stick modes (2 second ON delay, 30 second OFF delay)
  • Display [ACAV] as indicator of AC amperage (rectified average)
  • Improved start characteristics for welding anodized aluminum
  • Fixes for nuisance error code tripping
  • Improvements to SMAW (stick) starts for select models
Syncrowave 210
There are no updates at this time  


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Dynasty 280 14-Pin Automation Expansion – Memory Card
Dynasty 280 14-Pin Modbus Automation Expansion – Memory Card
Dynasty 280 DX AC Independent Expansion – Memory Card
Maxstar 280 14-Pin Automation Expansion – Memory Card
Maxstar 280 14-Pin Modbus Automation Expansion – Memory Card
Syncrowave 210 AC TIG Frequency Expansion - Memory Card
Syncrowave 210 DC TIG Pulse Expansion - Memory Card

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