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CST™ 280 Models & Pricing

 Models AvailableStock #Mfg. List
Price US$ *
  CST-280, 220-230/460-575, DINSE STYLE CONNECTORS907244$2742.00 
  CST-280 VRD 220-230/460-575, TWECO STYLE CONN907244001$2803.00 
  CST-280, 220-230/460-575, TWECO STYLE CONNECTORS907244011$2742.00 
  CST-280, 208-230/400-460 DINSE STYLE CONNECTORS907251$2742.00 
  CST-280 208-230/400-460 TWECO STYLE CONNECTORS907251011$2742.00 
  CST-280 VRD 208-230/400-460, DINSE STYLE CONN907251012$2803.00 

* All prices are U.S. dollars and reflect Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the U.S. market. Tax, delivery and setup not included. Actual selling price determined by the Distributor. Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional items may be required for welding, such as shielding gas, consumables, and safety equipment.

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