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Trailblazer® 302

High output, unbeatable arc performance, independent generator and weld outputs make this welder/generator perfect for construction, fabrication and maintenance/repair operations.

Trailblazer 302
  • Trailblazer 302
  • Trailblazer 302 Front Panel

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Option

EFI gas engines optimize the air/fuel ratio for all engine speeds and engine loads, resulting in lower operational costs, fewer emissions, longer runtimes and better performance when compared to carbureted models. The payback from fuel savings alone is a matter of months. EFI will give you:
  • 27% Better Fuel Economy
    • Save up to $1,000 per year in fuel
    • Extend Runtimes by as much as 27%
  • Fast, Easy Starts in All Climate
    • No choke required
  • Reliable Operation, Even with Infrequent Use
    • Less prone to fuel deterioration
  • More Generator Power
    • 12,000 Watts of generator Power
  • Go Green with Reduced Emissions
    • 27% less CO and 33% less HC+NOx levels

Learn More: PDF >> Video >>

Accu-Rated Generator Power

Miller's Accu-Rated 11,000 watts (12,000 with EFI) of usable peak power cranks out enough power for most applications:  job site, farm, ranch or home.

Self-Calibrating Digital Meters with Maintenance Displays

Convenient for the operator and make maintenance easier:
  • Preset and actual weld amperage/voltage for precise setting and monitoring.
  • Engine hour meter to track machine usage.
  • Oil change countdown indicates how many hours are left before an oil change is due making maintenance tracking easy.
  • Front panel fuel gauge is the most convenient location.
  • Engine RPM display is convenient for servicing.

Independent Weld and Generator Power

Independent weld and generator power means no arc interaction between power tools while the welding arc ensures the best weld quality at all times. It also has the strongest power while welding. See how it works.

Superior Arc Performance

The best arc performance and multi-process versatility:
  • Four preset DIG settings (Stick) to make the arc softer or stiffer depending on electrode and operator preference.
  • Adaptive Hot Start (Stick) ensures easy arc starts regardless of operator technique.
  • Excellent MIG/FCAW arc performance to run smoothly with solid and flux-cored wires. 
  • Lift Arc TIG with Auto-Crater and Auto-Stop. Lift Arc minimizes/eliminates contamination when starting, Auto Stop prevents arc flare at the arc end and Auto-Crater eliminates the need for a remote control by automatically ramping down amperage at the end of a weld to fill in the crater.




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Product Literature
Spec Sheet (ENG)
Spec Sheet (SPA)
Generator Advantage
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Information
ProcessesMIG (GMAW) 
Stick (SMAW) 
Flux Cored (FCAW) 
Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging (PAC) with Optional Spectrum Models 
Material Type
Max 14 ga (1.9 mm)
Min 22 ga (0.9 mm)
General specificationsRated Output
Stick/TIG: DC: 280 Amps at 25 Volts, 100% Duty Cycle
                AC: 200 Amps at 25 Volts, 60% Duty Cycle
Wire: 300 Amps at 25 Volts, 100% Duty Cycle
Welding Amperage Range
10 - 325 Amps
13 - 35 Volts
Net Weight568 lb (258 kg)
Generator Power 104DegF
Accu-Rated Power
11,000 Watts Peak, 9,500 Watts Continuous
EFI: 12,000 Watts Peak, 10,500 Watts Continuous
Kohler CH 23, 23 HP at 3,600 RPM
Subaru EH 65, 23 HP at 3,600 RPM
EFI: Kohler ECH 730, 25 HP at 3,600 RPM
3 Year Mfg. Warranty
Kohler CH25, 25 HP at 3,600 RPM
3 Year Mfg. Warranty
Fuel Capacity & Fuel Type
Fuel Capacity
12 gal (45L)
Run Time

- Welding with an 1/8 inch Stick electrode, 20% Duty Cycle, expect about 20 hours of operation.

- Under a continuous 4,000 watt generator load, expect approximately 14 hours of run time.

Warranty True Blue With the best coverage in the industry, Miller's True Blue® Warranty [PDF] delivers unparalleled peace-of-mind.

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