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XMT® 304 CC/CV Models & Pricing

 Models AvailableStock #Mfg. List
Price US$ *
  XMT 304 CC/CV 208-230/460 W/AUTO-LINK903471$4774.00 
  XMT 304 CC/CV 208-230/460 W/AUTO-LINK W/AUX POWER903471011$5353.00 
  PKG,XMT 304 CC/CV 208-230/460,22A MIGRUNNER951343$7659.00 
 Note: Package comes complete with XMT 304 CC/CV, 22a wirefeeder, MIGRunner Cart, .035 -.045 drive rolls, Bernard Q Gun, Regulator/flowmeter, 3ft gas hose, 6ft 2/0 wirefeeder weld cable w/lugs, 10ft 2/0 work cable with clamp.  

MIGRunner = Includes XMT 304 CC/CV, 22A Wirefeeder, Bernard Q-Gun, Consumables, Drive Roll kit, Regulator/Flow Gauge w/gas hose, Work Cable, Power Cord, and factory installed MIGRunner Cart with cylinder rack.

Auto-Link® = Plug it into any 230V or 460V power source and Auto-Link adapts automatically without the need for manually linking primary voltage terminals.

Aux Power = Includes 10 amp, 115 VAC auxiliary power.

* All prices are U.S. dollars and reflect Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the U.S. market. Tax, delivery and setup not included. Actual selling price determined by the Distributor. Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional items may be required for welding, such as shielding gas, consumables, and safety equipment.

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