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Shopmate™ 300 DX Multiprocess Welder

Single-phase DC multiprocess power source that provides versatility and outstanding arc performance in CV mode (MIG) and CC mode (Stick and TIG).

Available Options

Machine Only

Option 1

Shopmate™ 300 DX
Stock #: 907316

MIG Package

Option 2

Shopmate™ 300 DX MIG Package
  • Shopmate 300 DX power source
  • 22A wire feeder w/Bernard® Q300
    15 ft (4.6 m) gun
  • MIG Kit, including:
    • 15 ft (4.6 m) 1/0 work cable w/clamp
    • 10 ft (3 m) 1/0 interconnecting cable
    • Ar/CO2 regulator w/flowtube
    • 10 ft (3 m) gas hose
    • Consumable storage box
Stock #: 951077


Base Model
Starting at:

List Price (US$)


  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)


Light Industrial Applications

  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Trailer Manufacturing
  • MRO - Maintenance/Repair
  • Education
  • Farm/Home


Input Power

  • Requires 1- phase power (primary power cord not included)

Rated Output

  • 250 Amps at 30 VDC, 60% duty cycle
  • 300 Amps at 32 VDC, 40% duty cycle

Voltage Range (CV Mode)

  • 10-35 VDC

Amperage Range (CC Mode)

  • 5-400 A

Max. Open-Circuit Voltage

  • 80 VDC

Net Weight

  • 177 lb (80.3 kg)

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Product Information

Product Literature (PDF)

Weld MIG, TIG and Stick with one versatile machine. The price of a Shopmate 300 DX is roughly half the cost of buying individual MIG, TIG and Stick welding equipment.

Single Process Selector Switch is "operator-friendly". Eliminates confusion caused by several switch combinations; making setup and operation easy.

Lift-Arc TIG™ allows DC/TIG starting without the use of high-frequency. Starts the arc without contaminating the weld with tungsten.

Large, dual digital meters enable the operator to preset weld voltage in CV mode and amperage in CC mode before striking an arc.

Arc control adjusts inductance to optimize MIG arc performance, or Dig control for Stick.

Stackable design can save valuable classroom or workshop space.

Line voltage compensation keeps output power constant even if input power varies plus or minus 10%.

Built-in 10-pin connector for direct hookup of Spoolmatic® 15A or 30A spool guns.

Built-in 14-pin connector provides quick, direct connection for 14-pin 24 VAC Miller wire feeders and accessories.

Fan-On-Demand™ operates only when needed reducing noise, power consumption, and the amount of airborne contaminants pulled through the machine.

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