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XMT® 304 and 350 Multi Operator Welding Racks

XMT Rack conveniently houses multiple inverter power sources for multiple welders. This is an ideal system for onsite applications including construction and shipbuilding.


Base Model
Starting at:

List Price (US$)


  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • TIG and Lift-Arc TIG (GTAW)
  • Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P)*
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A) Cutting and Gouging
    (XMT 304: 1/4 in carbons)
    (XMT 350: 5/16 in carbons)
    (XMT 450: 3/8 in carbons)

* With optional controls only


Manufacturing Industrial

  • Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Shipbuilding
  • Rental Fleets


Input Power

  • Requires 3-Phase Power

Net Weight

  • 4-XMT 304 Rack: 560 lb (254 kg)
  • 6-XMT 304 Rack: 712 lb (323 kg)
  • 4-XMT 350 Rack: 599 lb (272 kg)
  • 6-XMT 350 Rack: 759 lb (344 kg)
  • 4-XMT 450 Rack: 780 lb (354 kg)
  • Empty Rack: 279 lb (127 kg)


  • XMT 304, 350, 450:
  • D: 34 3/8 in (873mm)
  • W: 43 in (1092mm)
  • H: 59 3/8 in (1508mm)

Point and click to create a complete welding system with Equip To Weld!
Fast, easy and accurate system configuration-Build your own system customized for your customer's unique needs.

Special Offers

Shown with 6-XMT 350 CC/CV

Wireless Remote Control Compatible

Build your own system using the Equip To Weld industrial system builder

Product Information

Product Literature (PDF)

Multioperator Resources

Both 4-rack and 6-rack models are available with two lifting eyes for transportation and rugged skids for dragging or pushing.

Custom build your own system by mix and matching Miller's XMT® 304 CC/CV, 350 CC/CV, 350 VS and 450 CC/CV; and Invision™ 352MPa, and 450MPa,. (XMT 450 CC/CV, and Invision 450MPa - (maximum 4 units)

One easy connection allows up to six inverters to be connected with one primary power drop.

Isolated work terminal provides a connection point for common workpiece construction.

XMT 304 Rack - fuses provide primary power line protection for each inverter power supply.

XMT 350 Rack - operates with primary voltage from 208 to 575 VAC and is equipped with "finger safe" fuses to help comply with NEC guidelines.

Compatible with the Wireless Remote Hand Control. Improve productivity, eliminate clutter and cord tangles in the work area. Eliminate cord failure and associated downtime/repair costs and extend the operator's welding range without adding cord extensions.

Powerline Financing