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No matter what your cutting needs, Miller Metal Cutting products offer the right solution for you

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Miller Spectrum plasma cutting systems pack extreme power into small portable packages for sheet metal to 7/8” mild steel for your garage, body shop, farm, ranch, maintenance and light fabrication applications. Plasma cutting provides the following benefits:

  • Cuts any type of electrically conductive metals including aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel
  • Does not require a pre-heat cycle
  • Produces a narrow heat affected zone which prevents warping
  • Provides gouging capabilities


Whether you’re a professional welder or a do-it-yourselfer, Miller has the right piece of equipment to get the job done. Our complete line of Oxy-Fuel equipment included cutting and welding outfits, torches for virtually any need, pressure regulators and shielding gas control equipment. Our products feature:

  • True Blue® Lifetime torch warranty
  • Exclusive slip-in Soft-Seat tips, longest lasting tips in the industry
  • Premium industrial grade regulators with Sure Seat™ filtered seat technology
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