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8. Is Portability Needed?

When you need to bring the welder or plasma cutter to work, Miller offers you two significant options: inverter-based welding power sources and engine-driven welding generators.
  • Inverters offer incredible weight savings. For example, the 14-lb. Maxstar® 150 STL Stick/TIG inverter has a 5 to 150 amp output, while the 80-lb. XMT® 304 cc/cv multiprocess inverter has a 5 to 400 amp output.
  • Note that optional running gear provides in-shop mobility for most any welder, regardless of weight.
  • Many welding generators fit in the back of a pick-up truck, enabling them to go wherever welding is needed. For tow-behind mobility, Miller offers trailers for all its welding generators.

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