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Miller | Weldcraft Brand Consolidation FAQ

  1. Why did Weldcraft products become part of the Miller brand?
    Both Miller and Weldcraft are recognized as market leading, trusted brands with a long history of success and innovation. Integrating Weldcraft into the Miller brand enables us to further our TIG leadership position with both equipment and torches, and ultimately creates a "one stop shop" for all things TIG. We believe that the value of combining both the Miller and Weldcraft brands can better serve customer needs by offering the best in high-quality products and innovative TIG welding system solutions
  2. When did the Weldcraft brand transition to Miller occur?
    Weldcraft became part of the Miller brand in November 2013.
  3. Will Weldcraft product be included in the 2014 Miller catalog?
    Yes, the Miller | Weldcraft product line will be in the Miller 2014 catalog.
  4. What is changing as a result of Weldcraft becoming Miller branded?
    Weldcraft product packaging, labels and markings will transition to Miller. Weldcraft torch colors will transition from red to black (excluding the Redhead Series). New Miller | Weldcraft literature and product webpages are available on
  5. Are the features and quality of Miller | Weldcraft products the same?
    Yes, the quality and features of the torches and torch accessories are the exact same as when they were under the Weldcraft brand. The only difference in the products is the torch color changed from red to black. In 2014 the labels and markings will transition to Miller on the torches and accessories.
  6. Will the warranties change for these products?
    Miller | Weldcraft products will continue to be covered under the Miller True Blue warranty.
  7. Are the names of the Weldcraft product lines changing? (i.e. Crafter series, Legacy series, WP-280)?
    Yes, the Weldcraft name will remain, but it will be positioned as the TIG torches and accessories product line within the Miller brand.

    product breakdown chart

    Defined above, the Weldcraft A-125 Flex Valve was previously referred to as the WP-9FV. The "A" signifies an amperage of 125. You will also see the Weldcraft A-125 Flex Valve in the notation of Weldcraft A-125FV.
  8. Will literature and manuals still be available?
    Yes. Please visit for new Miller | Weldcraft spec sheets. These spec sheets contain specific torch information to help you choose the correct torch for your application. Owner's manuals will also be available online as well.
  9. How can I order the newly branded products? Will my minimum order quantity change?
    Continue to order the Miller | Weldcraft products in the same manner as you have ordered Weldcraft products – through Miller Customer Service. Minimum order quantities will stay the same, following the Miller policy of $25 per order (Net Price).
  10. Who do I contact for technical support?
    Please call customer service at 866-931-9730 with any other questions you may have.
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