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Big Blue® 350 PipePro® System

Designed exclusively for pipeline work

The Big Blue 350 PipePro System provides optimum welding performance and reliability in the dirtiest, harshest environments a welder encounters. Pipeliners everywhere will appreciate its rugged design, outstanding arc performance, and cost-reducing capabilities.

Miller Big Blue® 350 PipePro®

Miller Big Blue® 350 PipePro®

This easy-to-use diesel welder/generator delivers rugged and reliable performance in harsh conditions. With easy arc starts and better arc control, the Big Blue 350 PipePro improves arc performance to produce consistent welds.

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  • 40 percent less noise improves work site communication and safety.
  • The Vault — a sealed aluminum case-protects the circuit board from dust, dirt, moisture, and heat.
  • 12,000 watts of peak single-phase auxiliary power runs multiple jobsite tools.
  • 20 percent greater fuel efficiency helps reduce fuel costs.
  • Tier 4i compliant - helps meet tough EPA emission requirements.
  • Compact size and weight optimizes truck space.
  • Auto Remote Sense™ (ARS) eliminates confusion of a remote/panel switch.
  • Tough LINE-X® cover provides superior corrosion, abrasion, and impact protection.
  • Optional stainless steel package is available.
  • CSA, IEC, and NEMA compliant.
Hobart Brothers Fabshield® 79T8

Hobart Brothers Fabshield® 79T8

This Self-Shielded Flux Cored tubular wire is specifically designed for pipeline applications.

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  • No shielding gas required.
  • Fast-freezing, easy-to-remove slag decreases time spent cleaning weld beads.
  • All-position welding, including good vertical-down performance, reduces fatigue and weld cycle time.
  • Ideal for multi-pass welding on deep-groove pipe weld butt joints.
Miller Wireless Remote Hand Control

Miller Wireless Remote Hand Control

This completely cordless design increases project productivity, saves money, and improves operator safety.

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  • Settings can be easily changed and controlled at the point of use.
  • "Plug-and-play" capabilities make remote control easy to use.
  • Extends remote welding control range to 300 feet for jobsite mobility.
  • Eliminates costly cord failures.
  • Improves weld quality with precise operator control.
  • Belt clip keeps the remote secure and accessible.
Bernard PipePro® Dura-Flux™

Bernard PipePro® Dura-Flux™

Truly an integrated product, this gun features a dual schedule switch that easily connects to the SuitCase® X-TREME™ 8 HD dual schedule feature for wire feed speed adjustment while welding.

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  • Internal trigger leads mean no trigger cord to get caught on pipe or surrounding equipment.
  • Replaceable liner allows power cable maintenance.
  • Comfortable handle and lightweight, rotatable Hi-Viz™ neck reduce user fatigue and improve weld puddle visibility.
Miller SuitCase® X-TREME™ 8 HD

Miller SuitCase® X-TREME™ 8 HD

This voltage-sensing, heavy-duty wire feeder features numerous performance-driven benefits.

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  • High-torque motor can handle the large or small diameter Flux Cored wires with ease.
  • Improved motor control allows for incredible precision and arc control.
  • Super tough and durable polypropylene case stands up to the elements.
  • Dual schedule operation when connected to the PipePro® Dura-Flux™ gun provides ideal reduction in wire feed speed in Schedule B for the overhead position.
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