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Continuum™ 500 System

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New generation of advanced industrial welding solutions. Continuum systems improve productivity through weld quality, ease of use and system modularity.

Product Overview
Axcess Systems Auto-Axcess Systems

For semi-automatic MIG
- digital control technology combined with inverter welding power source. Designed to reduce complexity of a semi-automatic pulsed MIG system.
For robotic automation - seamless integration of digital control technology combines inverter welding power source and robotic interface.

Typical Applications
Robotic Manufacturing, Construction Equipment, Automotive Components, Recreational Vehicles, Farm Machinery, Office Furniture, Mining Machinery

Amperage Classes
The Axcess products are available in 300, 450, 675 amperages

Axcess Features

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Accu-Pulse® MIG (GMAW-P) - Steel and Stainless Welding
STANDARD on all Axcess models—the patented Accu-Pulse process allows for precise control of the pulse arc. Accu-Pulse provides optimum molten puddle control and has power to increase wire feed speeds and deposition 20 to 25% in many applications.

Accu-Curve™ - Aluminum and Stainless Welding
STANDARD on all Axcess models—Accu-Curve is a variation of the Accu-Pulse process. The
transitions from peaks to background voltage are “curved”. The curved transitions provide a
“softer” feel without sacrificing the tight arc lengths that allow for better puddle control that have become the ha llmark of the Accu-Pulse process.

Accu-Speed™ Optional - High-Speed, Out of Position Welding
Optional for all Axcess models—Accu-Speed is a variation of the Accu-Pulse process and was
developed for the type of arcs needed in automated welding applications. Accu-Speed has a tighter driving arc that can be directed into the joint, yet still remains stable at the higher travel speeds used in automated welding. In general, Accu-Speed has lower average voltage and amperage when compared to Accu-Pulse.

  Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD™) — Thin Material and Gaps
Field #195 252 (Field installation requires Palm handheld with data card slot.)
The patented RMD (Regulated Metal Deposition) process—a software-basedOPTION for all Axcess models—is a precisely controlled short-circuit transfer. It is a method of detecting when the short is going to clear and then rapidly reacting to this data changing the current (amperage) levels. Features Proactive Dynamic Puddle Control.

Fan-on-Demand provides extra protection for your equipment. The fan operates only when the thermostat senses the need for power source cooling. Running the fan for shorter time periods consumes less energy, while keeping internal components cleaner, increasing their life span.

  Wind Tunnel Technology
Miller's exclusive Wind Tunnel technology directs air flow away from electrical components and PC boards, protecting them from dirt, dust, and debris, decreasing maintenance requirements and improving reliability.
Miller’s patented technology allows for any input voltage hookup (190 V–630 V, single- or three-phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz) with no manual linking. This assures rock-solid, consistent welding output when operating on fluctuating primary lines. It also makes Axcess a truly international machine, allowing you to deploy it anywhere in the world.
Axcess Application, Sales and Service Trainng
Call 920-735-4016 to register

General Information
Note: Miller Electric Mfg. is a tobacco free campus. Tobacco is not permitted inside or outside any Miller facility. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fees dependant on Course Type. Payable in US dollars. Credit Card only. Refunds made up to 14 days prior to the course date with a $15.00 processing penalty. Miller reserves the right to cancel any class up to 2 weeks prior to the class date if there are fewer than 3 registrations.

Training conducted daily from 8 AM-4 PM.

Miller Provides:

  • All Study Materials.
  • Lunch each day.
  • Equipment and tools as indicated in the course description.
  • Shop consumables and safety equipment.
  • Certificates upon successful completion. (40 recertification points)

Attendees Provide:

  • Certified Service Technician (CST) expiration date, when required.
  • Air or ground transportation from your location to the course city.
  • Lodging while attending course. Miller Electric is NOT responsible for the cost of the hotel stay. To confirm your reservations and make payment, contact the hotel directly.
  • Meals other than those specified.
  • Transportation to and from training center.

Hotel recommendations:

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Toll-free Reservations: (877) 410-6681

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Advanced Manufacturing Systems Services

Integrators - 3D Models and Setup

Training and Consulting
Phone calls are encouraged for occasional assistance or casual question. We offer welding applications assistance on our Applications hotline (920) 954-3813 during normal working hours (7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Central Standard Time).

(920) 954-3809
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time

See Fee Schedule

Axcess™ System Support

Palm Emulator
Allows you to simulate the palm hand-held programs on a PC for training purposes.
(Note: The online simulators from Miller Electric (both Palm and Front Panel) are training and demonstration tools. As training tools, they may not display the most current release of software for actual Axcess and Auto Axcess products.)

Continuum™ System Support


Powerline Financing