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The Art of Field Welding Repair

The temptation, when stuck in the middle of a job site with unbearable heat and a tight deadline, may be just to throw a quick weld on a piece of twisted metal and hope for the best. Hope it gets you through the day. But maybe you didn’t properly prepare the joint? Did you cut out the failed material or did you just pile on filler metal, hoping for the best? Do you have the right equipment?

As with most things in life, taking the time to address the situation properly, right now, will prevent future problems/failures.

We’ve put together a number of resources for you over the years on the topic of field welding repair. Bookmark this and come back to it next time you’ve got a repair to make on a crucial piece of equipment.

1. Comprehensive article focusing on field repair for construction equipment

2. Five tips for field repair

3. Selecting an engine-driven welder generator for your service truck

4. Selecting portable welding and plasma cutting equipment for maintenance and repair

5. Evaluating gas engine drives for generator power

Have any field repair horror stories or successes to share? As always, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

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