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Keep materials clean and in good condition

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Paint, rust and mill scale are your enemy. Clean the joint area before welding with a grinder/sander, wire brush or other metal cleaner. Keep wire in a clean, dry place when you’re not welding. Contaminants on your wire lead to poor welds.

Establish a good ground connection and always check your cable condition. Loose or bad connections, or poor cables, will cause heat. That heat is a loss of welding current you should be using at the arc. You can’t jump start a car with a lamp cord, so don’t weld with one either. A welder needs heavy cables in good condition to weld effectively. Also, don’t forget to change contact tips. They are NOT made of gold and they DO wear out. Also keep them tight and check them often as they will naturally loosen up from heating and cooling.

Until next time,
Andy Weyenberg
Motorsports Marketing Manager