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Maintaining your welder/generator’s gas engine

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in keeping your welder/generator in top shape. The article below walks through best practices for maintaining the gas engine in your welder/generator, and the consequences of poor maintenance. Regular maintenance will:

  • Extend engine/welder life
  • Ensure peak performance at all times
  • Maintain reliability/avoiding costly breakdowns
  • Prevent voiding warranty coverage
  • Maximize resale value

Read on to learn more:–advice-from-the-experts-on-maintaining-your-welder-generator-s-gas-engine/

Chris Wierschke
Product Manager
Bobcat and Trailblazer

Ben Mikesell, Ogden, Utah

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Nominated by Chase

My Hero

I’m nominating my friend/coworker Ben Mikesell. He is by far the hardest worker I’ve ever met and treats everyone in the welding shop like a brother. He never complains and always gives 110 percent. He really is a diamond in the rough.

I honestly think the world has a shortage of people like Ben. He is the type of person that you meet and instantly become friends with. He likes to snowboard and also enjoys racing his car at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah.

Making a Difference

Everyone is familiar with the classic construction scene: four guys on the site and only three are working. Ben Mikesell is the guy getting the work/welding done. Every time he meets a weld inspector, they instantly become friends.

Welding Application

Ben welds ornamental railing — around 1,000 pickets daily. He also has his 6G SMAW pipe welding certification and welds structural steel on occasion. He is very proficient in almost every type of welding.

Miller on the Job

Ben uses a ton of Miller products, including the Millermatic 251 that he uses daily at his welding station. When Ben welds in the field, he uses a Miller Bobcat or Trailblazer [welder/generator], along with a Miller Suitcase wire feeder.


Daniel McMillen, Strongsville, Ohio

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Nominated by Michael McMillen

My Hero

I nominated my father, Daniel McMillen. Dad started as a meter reader for Columbia Gas in the ’70s. He was chosen to become a welder where he was taught the trade on live gas mains! He retired several years back and now runs a small shop out of his garage. He doesn’t weld to make money. He charges the minimal amount in an effort to cover his costs. He welds to help those who need a professional.

He is a master at figuring out solutions to problems. My 8-year-old son has autism. Dad has engineered products to keep him safe and our family sane! For example, he welded a metal bar that mounts to the ceiling to keep the Christmas tree up (my son continuously knocked it down). He has also engineered locks for our doors so my son cannot run away. He is the smartest guy I know.

Making a Difference

Dad has inspired at least three others to learn the trade and work professionally as welders. One is my brother, one is a childhood friend of the family (a neighbor when I was growing up), and the final person has replaced Dad at the gas company. When his replacement was chosen, Dad worked with him in his off-duty time to ensure he passed the required tests.

Welding Application

Dad welds it all. No job is too big or too small. While at Columbia Gas, he was a certified pipe welder and now welds many different jobs from his shop or on location. Recently, he was called to a greenhouse to weld a “T” on a live gas main. Tomorrow he will be headed to an outdoor shooting range to complete a job.

Miller on the JobDad’s portable trailer utilizes a Miller [welder/generator]. He has used it for many years.



Contractor Insight: Apex Steel and EFI

Monday, March 8th, 2010

When Miller introduced Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology on its welder generators, the job site detailed in the article below is a perfect example of the target market: contractors looking to reduce welding costs AND reduce the environmental impact of their work (the site is a LEED-certified complex). EFI accomplishes both goals.

You can read the whole article here and preview the contents below.

Seattle University’s new Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons— scheduled to open in September 2010—transforms the original 1966 building into a 21st century, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold-certified masterpiece. The new structure includes 37,000 square feet of new construction and an extensive renovation of the original structure. The result is a sparkling new, environmentally friendly 125,000-square-foot learning center for students and faculty.

Spearheading the structural steel work is Apex Steel of Redmond, Washington. The company is experienced in LEED-certified construction and specializes in structural steel, steel reinforcement and tower crane erection. Apex Steel uses equipment that lowers its cost of operation and helps reduce the overall carbon footprint required to put up a steel building. To that end, the company used Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new Trailblazer 302®, a 300-amp welder generator with 25 HP Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gas engine from Kohler.  EFI welder generators reduce harmful hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and have lowered Apex Steel’s welder generator fuel use by 20 percent.