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Register for the Second Annual Welding, Heating & Cutting Technology Conference

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


Today’s drive for greater profitability: Never stronger or more urgent. Held August 26-27 at the ITW Welding Technology Center in Houston, this FREE event will feature educational seminars, panel discussions, live demos, facility tours and networking aimed at generating greater profitability and improving operational efficiencies for your business. The conference runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on both days at the center, and is sponsored by Miller in conjunction with Hobart Filler Metals, Magnaflux and E.H. Wachs.

Register today at


Attend Miller-hosted Welding Seminars at SEMA and PRI

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Visitors to Miller booth #24113 at SEMA can explore and test the latest products —many with show specials — and get questions answered during presentations addressing welding in the home garage and welding with aluminum.

Miller will present these 20-minute solutions-based seminars live from the booth at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 5 and Thursday, Nov. 6. Following each presentation and subsequent Q&A period, attendees can see and try any products referenced right from within the booth and also access more in-depth videos via the SEMA playlist on the Miller YouTube channel and other product resources at

Topics addressed will include:

  • 10 a.m. — Welding in Your Home Garage: products key to versatility and portability
  • 2 p.m.— Welding with Aluminum: the best process for your specific applications

Free hats will be awarded to guests that attend and stay through the duration of the presentation

Miller will also host these seminars from PRI, held Dec. 11-13, 2014, at the Indiana Convention Center. Stay tuned more information on dates and times.


Miller to Offer Live Welding Demonstrations and Solutions-Based Seminars at SEMA; Unveil Two New MIG Welders

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Held Nov. 4 – 7, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, visitors to the Miller booth at SEMA can explore and test the latest welding, cutting and safety products —many with applicable show specials — and get questions answered during scheduled presentations addressing welding in the home garage and welding with aluminum. In addition, two new MIG welders will be unveiled and on display in the booth.

Stay tuned to for more updates as we get closer to the show. Also visit our news releases page for a full list of activities planned for the Miller booth during SEMA.



Miller Seminars and Presentations at FABTECH 2011

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

One of the best reasons for going to FABTECH 2011 is the extensive schedule of educational seminars and presentations designed to give you insight into industry trends and advancements. As always, Miller and its ITW partners are proud to take part in these seminars, and we’ve put together here a preliminary list of key Miller-related sessions you should keep an eye out for.

FABTECH 2011 is taking place November 14-17 in Chicago at McCormick Place.

Educational Annual Program: Monday, 11/14

Miller’s Bruce Albrecht will participate in an industry roundtable discussion of “Career Paths in Welding” from 11:30 am to noon and then again from 1:15 to 2:45 pm in room N131.

Educational Annual Program:  Tuesday, 11/15

Miller’s Rolando Sanchez and Paul Cleveland will give an educational reform presentation for welding educators from 1:00 to 3:00 pm in room N138.

8th Conference on Weld Cracking: Tuesday 11/15

Hobart Brothers’ Joseph C. Bundy will present “Understanding Weld Cracking in Steels” from 8:30 to 9:05 am in room N230B. Here’s a brief overview:

There is a great deal to be said about the consequences, the causes, and the remedies pertaining to weld cracking. In this presentation we will touch on all three and delve into the solidification and liquation cracking prevalent in hot cracking as well as the problems caused by diffusible hydrogen. The topics of pre- and postweld heat treat will also be examined.

Bruce Anderson from MAXAL will present “How to Prevent Cracking When Welding Aluminum Alloys” from 10:30 to 11:05 am in room N230B. Here’s a brief overview:

This presentation will examine the primary reasons for hot cracking to occur when welding the various aluminum alloys. It will evaluate the crack sensitivity associated with the various alloying elements that are added to aluminum and how we can use crack sensitivity curves to predict and thereby reduce the hot cracking potential of our welds. It will further discuss the importance of correct filler alloy selection and how the filler alloy/base alloy combination can be critical in the prevention of solidification cracking.

Tube and Pipe Joining & Inspection: Tuesday 11/15

Miller’s Jim Cuhel and Ron Halpenny of Graham Corporation will present “Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD™) Modified Short Circuit MIG and Pro-Pulse™ Pulsed MIG Welding Processes Advance Pipe Welding Performance and Productivity” from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm in room S503B. Here’s a brief overview:

Through a calm, stable arc and smooth metal transfer, Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD™) outperforms TIG and short circuit transfer MIG welding processes in pipe welding root pass applications by reducing rework and distortion, and providing process benefits such as faster travel speeds and the elimination of back purging on stainless steel. 

What’s New in Power Sources Program: Wednesday 11/16

Miller’s Todd McEllis will present “Modern Power Source Technology that Drives Process Improvement” from 8:30 to 9:05 am in room N231. Here’s a brief overview:

The goal of the welding industry is no different than that of other industries – improve productivity, ensure consistent quality, and of course lower costs. It is difficult if not impossible to attain these goals without accurate real-time and historical weld process information. In the past, some companies have attempted to use “bolt on” equipment to obtain this type of information. Welding power source manufacturers have now begun to incorporate weld process and production management information into their product offering. This discussion will focus on how the information provided by this new generation of power sources can be used to increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs, and better manage the overall welding operation. Miller’s Axcess power source will be used as an example.

Miller’s Jim Cuhel and Ron Halpenny of Graham Corporation will present “Controlled Short Circuit GMAW Process Competes Favorably with SMAW, GTAW” from 3:05 to 4:00 pm in room N231. Here’s a brief overview:

The combination of Regulated Metal Deposition, or RMD™, and the Pro-Pulse™ Pulsed MIG process Pro Pulse provides an efficient method of welding pipe from root to cap with one wire and one gas. The presentation includes a case study involving Graham Corporation, the world leader in engineered-to-order vacuum and heat transfer equipment. These processes have significantly reduced rework (down from 3.2 to 1.3%) and lead times. This includes faster travel speeds on root passes (between 6 to 12 ipm) and a 22% productivity increase over manual TIG. In summary, the described technology provides the following: it reduces rework on the root pass in pipe welding applications and distortion by reducing overall heat input in pipe welding applications. The need for back-purging in stainless pipe welding applications is also eliminated. Travel speeds are also increased.

We hope you attend some of these valuable presentations. For a glimpse at the entire schedule of educational seminars at FABTECH, click here.

Miller Announced as Main Stage Sponsor for 2011 Car Craft Summer Nationals

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Miller will be the main stage sponsor for the 2011 Car Craft Summer Nationals, a three-day event featuring more than 4,000 muscle cars anticipated to attract nearly 45,000 participants and automotive enthusiasts. The event, which will be located at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (1880 Como Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108), will run July 22-24, 2011.

New to the show this year is the Royal Purple Do-It-Yourself Garage, where spectators can learn how-to muscle car tips from the pros through a variety of seminars and demonstrations. Miller product managers will host seminars Friday, July 22, and Saturday, July 23, regarding which process — MIG or TIG — is best to use depending on specific automotive applications. Seminars will be hosted near the main stage. Attendees can visit the event schedule for times and details.

Hands-on welding and cutting demonstrations will be available at any time from the Miller booth, located adjacent to the main stage. Spectators can test MIG, TIG and Plasma cutting equipment, get their questions answered by Miller experts, learn how to take advantage of the Miller Golden Ticket promotion and also check out the latest offerings in the Miller line of Arc Armor® welding protection.

Visitors to the Miller booth can also check out the 2011 Street Rodder Road Tour’s ’55 Chevy built by Chris Sondles and his team at Woody’s Hot Rodz. The Chevy was built using Miller welding and cutting products and is driving cross-country with eight tour stops May through October 2011.

Attendees with registered cars on display have the opportunity to WIN daily welding prizes, including welding gloves (hourly) and an end-of-day prize: Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ Plasma Cutter (Friday); Diversion™ 180 TIG welder (Saturday); and Millermatic® 211 Auto-Set™ MIG welder with MVP™ (Sunday).

For the latest information, registration and tickets, sponsor list and a full schedule of events, visit