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Using Pulse Variables

Monday, March 4th, 2013

When utilizing the pulse feature on the Miller Maxstar or Dynasty products, there are several variables to adjust that can yield significant benefits. With the proper settings of these variables, the pulse feature can increase weld quality, weld penetration, and travel speed – all of which translate into increased productivity. The three variables are:

  1. Pulses Per Second [PPS] (the number of times the machine switches from a high to low amperage each second)
  2. Peak Time [Peak t] (percent of the pulse cycle spent in the high amperage)
  3. Background Amperage [BKGND A] (low amperage as a percent of the peak amperage).

A good starting point for these variables is 120 hz, 40%, and 25% respectively.

Adjusting the PPS provides the most visible change to the weld operator. Increasing this frequency will tighten the arc cone which can result in better directional control, a smaller weld puddle, and increased penetration.

Andrew Pfaller
TIG Solutions Product Manager/Weld Engineer