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Plasma Cutting Tips & Tricks

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Looking for some tips on plasma cutting? On a visit to see our friends at Cotati Speed Shop in Santa Rosa, Calif., we created a cylinder rack for welding gases. Here are a few suggestions and watch the video for more! We start by measuring out the plate size, making sure to compensate for the edge of tip. Roll the tip over and see where the plasma is going to penetrate the metal. It’s important to be comfortable when you’re plasma cutting, so don’t press down too hard on the metal. Let the tip sit on your work piece and drag, using your free hand for leverage. Before cutting, test the cut and make sure you’re able to make the cut comfortably in one move, so that it is as straight as possible. If you’re cutting a bevel, use a stand-off guide to make sure you don’t damage your tips and to get a perfect cut. When you begin cutting, start and an angle and roll the tip until it pierces the metal – this keeps the splatter from getting back into the tip.

Steve Hidden
Plasma Product Manager

Plasma cutting tip

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Before you fire up your plasma cutter, you have to set up the machine correctly for what you’re about to cut. First decide what power you have available; 110V or 220V. One common question we hear is, “Do I drag the tip or not?”

On thinner material, yes – you should drag the tip. On thicker material with the Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ Plasma cutter, hold a slight gap to insure full capacity. Machines equipped with a drag cup should always be used in the drag position.

If you can’t cut through the material, you may be going too fast or you don’t have the machine turned up enough. If you see sparks going through the bottom side, you’re probably running at the correct speed.

Using a template when dragging makes cutting shapes easy, but remember that using and electrically conductive template can cause the arc to lose cutting strength or double arcing causing degraded parts life and poor cut quality.

If you’re cutting too slow the arc may go out which means you’re not completing the circuit.

Steve Hidden
Plasma Product Manager

Miller Announced as Main Stage Sponsor for 2011 Car Craft Summer Nationals

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Miller will be the main stage sponsor for the 2011 Car Craft Summer Nationals, a three-day event featuring more than 4,000 muscle cars anticipated to attract nearly 45,000 participants and automotive enthusiasts. The event, which will be located at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (1880 Como Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108), will run July 22-24, 2011.

New to the show this year is the Royal Purple Do-It-Yourself Garage, where spectators can learn how-to muscle car tips from the pros through a variety of seminars and demonstrations. Miller product managers will host seminars Friday, July 22, and Saturday, July 23, regarding which process — MIG or TIG — is best to use depending on specific automotive applications. Seminars will be hosted near the main stage. Attendees can visit the event schedule for times and details.

Hands-on welding and cutting demonstrations will be available at any time from the Miller booth, located adjacent to the main stage. Spectators can test MIG, TIG and Plasma cutting equipment, get their questions answered by Miller experts, learn how to take advantage of the Miller Golden Ticket promotion and also check out the latest offerings in the Miller line of Arc Armor® welding protection.

Visitors to the Miller booth can also check out the 2011 Street Rodder Road Tour’s ’55 Chevy built by Chris Sondles and his team at Woody’s Hot Rodz. The Chevy was built using Miller welding and cutting products and is driving cross-country with eight tour stops May through October 2011.

Attendees with registered cars on display have the opportunity to WIN daily welding prizes, including welding gloves (hourly) and an end-of-day prize: Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ Plasma Cutter (Friday); Diversion™ 180 TIG welder (Saturday); and Millermatic® 211 Auto-Set™ MIG welder with MVP™ (Sunday).

For the latest information, registration and tickets, sponsor list and a full schedule of events, visit

Spectrum 875 Auto-Line Unveiled!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the new Spectrum 875 Auto-Line plasma cutter to our product line up. Featuring the ability to connect the unit to any input voltage from 208 to 575 volts without the need for any physical linking mechanism, the Spectrum 875 Auto-Line provides convenience and versatility in field applications using either generator or “wall” power.

The Auto-Line feature also allows the unit to seamlessly recognize and respond to power fluctuations due to brownouts or the heavy loads from other machinery without any fluctuations in cutting performance.

And for those who want to take their cutting precision to the next level, an optional machine torch package is available that allows the unit to be hooked up to a variety of automated cutting systems.

Check out the news release and product page for complete details.

Summer Savings Are Here!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Summer is still a couple weeks away, but you can get a jump start on it by taking advantage of our new Summer Savings promotion. We’re offering up to $150 cash back on a wide variety of welding equipment and accessories packages, including our most popular MIG and TIG welders, welding generators, plasma cutters and welding helmets.

Visit the promotion page for full cash back details and to complete your cash back redemption form.

Also, Miller has extended its PowerLINE zero-percent, 12-month financing offer for new equipment purchases over $10,000. You can now qualify for financing through December 31, 2010. Visit the PowerLINE page for complete offer details.