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Rochester, New York Distributor Invests in Training Facility Expansion to Help Meet Industry Needs

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Mahany Welding Supply Co. in Rochester, NY, opened the Rochester Arc & Flame Center (RocAFC), a 5,000 sq. ft. training center for welding, glass blowing and blacksmithing instruction in January of 2012. The school is the next step for a distributorship that has trained more than 3,000 welders in the last decade.

At the heart of the classroom, student welders are protected by an advanced weld fume management system that is impressing welding veterans. Read more about the Arc & Flame Center.

Fil Rocha Spencerport, NY

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Submitted by his co-worker Leonard Hall

My Hero


Fil Rocha is my Hero because he took over a welding teaching position halfway into a school year in what was his first year of teaching! Talk about a difficult task.

Making a Difference


Fil has a great attitude with the students (11th and 12th graders) and the other teachers at our school. He is able to get the students involved in school activities and welding projects. He broadens their abilities in welding with art, manufacturing, and areas like utilities. Fil has a drive to turn students into the best welders they can be. He is a professional, shows respect and demands respect, which in turn makes his students great employees and young adults.

Welding Application


To give you another way to gauge Fil’s dedication to teaching: He drives one hour to get to our school every day just so he has the chance to work with his kids. He challenges the bright students and keeps the slower ones from getting discouraged. Fil engages the students with his expertise in welding art, welding sculpture work, and motorcycle work. He helps boys become men.


Miller on the Job


Fil uses the educational resources from Miller and the local distributor provides the class with equipment. Fil uses equipment like gloves as incentives in class to maintain student interest and as rewards for a job well done. His giveaways are often unexpected surprises for the students. Fil relies on Miller equipment and he is a welding Hero.