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Shawn Moreland, Hot Az Hell Welding

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Shawn Moreland, Hot Az Hell Welding

As an experienced welder, Shawn Moreland cut his teeth at Northern Pipeline, and a few other places before founding his own company. Today Moreland’s company, Hot Az Hell Welding of Chino Valley, Ariz., is known as one of Arizona’s premier welding contractors for building carbon steel handrails along Arizona’s highways.

After installing tens of thousands of linear feet of handrail, Moreland found that flux cored welding with Miller’s SuitCase™ X-TREME™ 12VS wire feeder could deliver significant productivity and cost savings.

Before purchasing the SuitCase wire feeders, Moreland and his crew relied on the Stick welding capabilities of their Bobcat™ 250 and Trailblazer® 302 welding generators. Now, Moreland and his crew run the SuitCase wire feeder off of the welding generators. By adding a SuitCase wire feeder and switching to flux cored welding, Moreland was able to realize a 33 percent increase in productivity, lower consumable costs, less cleanup and a better distribution of labor for a substantial return on investment.

“Between wages, consumables, fuel costs and actual production, I figure we’re saving at least $650 to $800 for every 100 ft. of handrail,” says Moreland. “And after seeing what this machine can do, I can honestly say that soon we will double our footage amounts in an 8-hour day.”

Miller’s Introduces New XMT® 450 MPa Multiprocess Welder

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Miller is excited to announce today the introduction of the new XMT® 450 MPa multiprocess welder. This new machine offers one of the industry’s most powerful and consistent options for Pulsed MIG welding. It features increased power and duty cycle ideal for heavy carbon arc gouging and large diameter welding applications. It is also optimized for MIG, Stick, TIG, and Flux Cored welding processes.

This powerful new inverter-based power source features the reliability and arc performance of the XMT 350 MPa but with more amperage, exceptional power efficiency and additional programs for Pulsed MIG welding with up to .052- and 1/16-inch wires.

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