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Cotati Speed Shop, Miller Use Diversion™ 180 to Create Aluminum Air Pan for ’48 F1 Ford Pickup

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

In this video, I used a Diversion™ 180 TIG welder to create an aluminum air pan for a ’48 F1 Ford pickup truck. In this video, you’ll see that I also demonstrate how to weld with different material thicknesses. As always, make sure you start with clean material. I am using 5356 aluminum filler for this particular project, but cut it in half for easier use. When you’re welding with materials with different thicknesses, the Diversion™ 180 is an ideal welder for the DIYer because of its ability to let you easily dial in the material type and thickness on the machine. When working with thinner aluminum material, consider skipping welds to prevent warpage and evenly distribute the heat. An example of skip welding would be making a one-in weld and then skipping six-inches before making the next one-in weld. When skip welding, try using silicone filler to create a better seal. Another tip to remember when using different material thicknesses is to preheat. In this video, the ½-in plate is outside maximum capability of machine. To get around it, preheat the thicker material to make it easier for puddle to wet out.

John Swartz
TIG Commercial Product Manager

Plasma Cutting Tips & Tricks

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Looking for some tips on plasma cutting? On a visit to see our friends at Cotati Speed Shop in Santa Rosa, Calif., we created a cylinder rack for welding gases. Here are a few suggestions and watch the video for more! We start by measuring out the plate size, making sure to compensate for the edge of tip. Roll the tip over and see where the plasma is going to penetrate the metal. It’s important to be comfortable when you’re plasma cutting, so don’t press down too hard on the metal. Let the tip sit on your work piece and drag, using your free hand for leverage. Before cutting, test the cut and make sure you’re able to make the cut comfortably in one move, so that it is as straight as possible. If you’re cutting a bevel, use a stand-off guide to make sure you don’t damage your tips and to get a perfect cut. When you begin cutting, start and an angle and roll the tip until it pierces the metal – this keeps the splatter from getting back into the tip.

Steve Hidden
Plasma Product Manager

2011 Hot Rod Power Tour Starts This Saturday

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The Hot Rod Power Tour is quickly approaching. Check out the list of dates and locations and keep an eye out for the Cotati Speed Shop/Miller service truck in Indy.

2011 HOT ROD Power Tour Dates & Cities

Saturday June 4, Cocoa Beach, FL Port Canaveral

Sunday June 5, Valdosta, GA South Georgia Motorsports Park

Monday June 6, Montgomery, AL Montgomery Motorsports Park

Tuesday June 7, Nashville, TN LP Field

Wednesday June 8, Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Thursday June 9, Muskegon, MI Downtown Muskegon

Friday June 10, Detroit, MI Metro Beach Metropark

Saturday June 11, Detroit, MI Long Haulers Ceremony (Location TBD)