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Clamps, fixtures, vise grips and magnetic squares are your friends

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Clamps, vise grips and magnetic squares help keep materials in place and offer stability while you’re welding. The magnetic square is a useful tool if you’re welding at a specific angle. For example, if you have two pieces that need to be welded together at a 45-degree angle, you would set your magnetic square to 45 degrees and use it to connect the two pieces of material. Clamps, vise grips, magnetic squares and fixtures definitely benefit the DIY welder, because they let you keep your hands free and your materials in place. This is especially helpful when TIG welding, because you have your TIG torch welder in one hand and the filler material in the other. Unless you’re pretty flexible and can use your feet to hold your materials in place, use a vise grip or clamp. The Miller ArcStation™ includes an optional X-pattern that allows you to insert and slide clamp placement as you progress through a job.

Until next time,

Andy Weyenberg
Motorsports Marketing Manager