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Free Welding Helmet with Purchase of Millermatic® 140 or 180 MIG Welder

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Today through October 31, 2014, customers will receive a free Miller® Classic Series Variable Shade helmet via mail-in rebate — a value up to $95 — with the purchase of a Millermatic® 140 Auto-Set™ or Millermatic 180 Auto-Set MIG welder (with or without running gear). For more information, customers can visit their local distributor or the Special Offers page at



Auto-Set™ Advantages for the Professional

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

The Auto-Set feature on many of the Millermatic® MIG welders makes setting up a MIG machine very easy for the novice welder, but can help the experienced welder, as well.  Most experienced welders have no problem grabbing a piece of scrap and laying a few practice beads to dial their MIG machine to the exact parameters that work in their application.  That may be necessary if you’re welding an intricate project, but if you’re not, it may be more valuable to save the time and scrap material and just use Auto-Set.  Simply use the dial to set your wire diameter and material thickness — parameters you already know.

Auto-SetThe Auto-Set feature gives you one knob to adjust to easily adjust to any thickness or joint configuration.  It detects what material thickness you have selected and adjust your parameters accordingly.  Auto-Set is very similar to the synergic MIG feature you see on some of the industrial equipment.   The convenience is being able to adjust parameters with a single knob.  You can think of the single knob as a heat knob that makes the weld hotter or colder.  Auto-Set offers the operator six to nine preset parameters that correlate to different material thicknesses the machine is capable of welding. For example, if you’re welding two pieces of 14 ga material and you feel the parameter is too cold, bump the material thickness knob up to 1/8” for a hotter parameter.

We often hear comments that a welder can optimize their parameters manually.  While that is possible, there are so many variables (input voltage, wire brand, welding technique, etc) that go into setting a parameter that  a perfect parameter takes time to achieve , and thus may not always make sense.

Here are some common applications where Auto-Set can make you more efficient:

  • Simple everyday repairs
  • Time sensitive repairs (ex. race repair)
  • Projects that involve multiple material thicknesses
  • Projects that require welding in multiple positions

Auto-Set can’t adapt to the preference of each operator, but it will give a very good starting parameter that is much faster and easier to set.  Next time you have a quick weld to make, give Auto-Set a try and save yourself some time and material.

Ben Romenesko
Product Manager