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Emergency Response Vehicle Builder Updates Welding Fleet with Inverter Machines

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

An Oregon based specialized manufacturer of custom fire trucks and emergency response vehicles modernized its shop updating its older transformer style welders to  today’s high powered inverter based machines. The company’s payoff was immediate and dramatic.

New Aluminum MIG Push-Pull Feeders

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Building on the proven reliability and performance of our XR Control aluminum MIG push-pull wire feeder, Miller introduces two new models, the XR-S Control and XR-D Control, designed to meet the specific needs of basic and more advanced aluminum MIG applications.

Featuring adjustable run-in, jog & purge, a digital wire feed speed display and the option of using pre- and post-flow, the XR-S Control feeder meets the needs of basic aluminum MIG push-pull applications without all the bells and whistles that aren’t needed & that might lead to inconsistencies between operators.

Taking things a step further, the XR-D Control features point-of-use remote voltage control, digital voltage display, programmable pre- and post-flow, and adjustable start and crater settings.

Check out the XR-S & XR-D news release for more information about the features and benefits of these new products as well as the applications and industries they are designed to serve.