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No Turning Back: Pipe Welding System Kicks it up a Notch

Fabricating and MetalWorking recently ran an article on Shinn Mechanical of Kent, WA and its use of Miller’s PipeWorx welding system. An excerpt from the article:

Shop operators here complete joints three to four times faster than shops that rely solely on stick and TIG technology. How? They use a pipe-specific multi-process welding system from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. (Appleton, WI) called PipeWorx™ that was recommended by Jim Hedberg, a representative from Pacific Welding Supply (Tacoma, WA).

The PipeWorx system uses Pro-Pulse™ pulsed MIG and RMD™ (regulated metal deposition) processes, as well as stick, TIG and flux cored processes that have been optimized specifically for pipe fabrication. The system also provides traditional MIG processes. Switching between processes requires only the push of one button, with no need to manually switch polarity, cables or hoses, thus increasing productivity and eliminating a potential source of errors.

You can read the whole article here. You can also watch a video of the guys from Shinn discussing RMD and Pro-Pulse here.



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One Response to “No Turning Back: Pipe Welding System Kicks it up a Notch”

  1. Mustafa Says:

    Having worked in a wnedilg and machine shop in college, I can tell you that wnedilg is also an artform. You get out of practice easily if you don’t practice it. Going into a job years after getting the certificate would be difficult without brushing up first. However, I would think that marine salvage and your security clearance might find a match somewhere.