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Joey Gyetvan, Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada

Submitted by his co-worker Jeff Guy

My Hero

As an instructor at Canadian Welding Skills College, Joey Gyetvan is inspiring many welders on a daily basis with his passion and enthusiasm for the craft.


Making a Difference

He utilizes his years of experience as well as Miller arc welders and cutters to develop trainees’ skills and excellence in work practices. His positive attitude and encouragement helps aspiring welders to strive for perfection and overcome setbacks and challenges. He is genuine and sincere when he is thrilled with a student’s perfect bend test — as a great coach should be — and equally encouraging when they are far less than perfect.

Welding Application

He is consistently able to demonstrate what a great weld should be and finds points of self-focus for students to overcome their own challenges. He is happy to tutor those who fall behind in symbols and blueprints and generally shows a passion for all aspects of welding as well as displaying pride in professional work habits.


Miller on the Job

Joey, along with his assistants, has positively impacted the careers of many welders over the years. The tailored instruction and testing at the certified CWB test center has inspired many. If that is not a welding hero, I don’t know what one is!

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12 Responses to “Joey Gyetvan, Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada”

  1. Joseph Bennett Says:

    An exceptional welder by trade and also a great person. Keep up the good work bro!

  2. Gail McCallum Says:

    Way to go Joey! You are a born instructor/welder! Nice to see you get recognition for your talents.

  3. Cameron Says:

    This Guy is a great Instructor! Uses Miller to keep the Craft Going
    Strong one bead at a time. My hero too. Good on ya Joey.
    Former student.

  4. Martin Chuck Says:

    Need more guys in the business like Joey! Keep up the great work.

  5. Todd Bates Says:

    Hey Captain Mig! Couldn’t agree more. This guy along with his 2
    assistants showed us what excellent welding is all about!
    Good to hear your still at it. Our hero too! .
    You keep burning those millers and pumping out the welders, we are
    pulling for ya Joey.

  6. drew coombs Says:

    That Guys got it right. He is a good welder and a great instructor!
    Keeps that Miller Gear rocken.
    Ata be Joey. Keep up the good work.

  7. troy crackers Says:

    Joey WHO! WHO! NO body does it better Joey. We are rooting for you Over here Down in Belleville so keep those blue millers buzzing and best of luck joey.

  8. Tracey Says:

    Great job Joey!!!! You truly inspire so many welders. Keep up the great work!

  9. Olga Says:

    A patient and dedicated teacher second to none, A pleasure to know and work with.

  10. Lizbet Says:

    My nephew took your course and has raved about how much he learned. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model to young people.

  11. Sara Says:

    Great job Joey!!!!

  12. Jake Says:

    ata be Joey. Keep Up the good work.

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