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Hot Rods by Dean and the Street Rodder Road Tour

For Dean Livermore, founder and owner of Hot Rods by Dean, the satisfaction in creating custom vehicles is in seeing a project gel and come together.

Custom projects at his Phoenix, Ariz.-based shop include hot rods, street rods, roadsters, muscle cars and vintage trucks. The shop’s 10 employees complete in-house fabrication, body work, mechanical work, paint and design. Their projects often include building custom chassis, interior and body work, and even manufacturing their own custom-made parts such as sub-dash panels and stash boxes, which keep the authentic appearance of vintage vehicles while hiding modern touches such as stereos and air conditioning.

“Everything is high end, high class, high finish,” Livermore said. “I enjoy the building the cars and getting the car to the final stage. I enjoy the journey. That’s the satisfaction for me, is making it all come together.”

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