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Don’t Miss FABTECH 2010!

Once again, Miller will be showcasing some exciting new welding and safety products at the annual FABTECH show (formerly known as the AWS/FABTECH International Welding Show) in Atlanta, Ga. This year’s booth will feature industry-specific products and technologies that offer companies the potential to significantly improve productivity, reduce rework and increase employee safety.

Check out the News Release for a small sample of the exciting new products that will be on display.

If you can’t make it to the show, be sure to check our Youtube, Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates and videos from the show floor!

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One Response to “Don’t Miss FABTECH 2010!”

  1. Laura Says:

    i cant get a hang of 6010 realllllllllllllly cant 7010 is ok got that but man 6010 is? kkicin my butt in school. also i think(take it or leave it ) penn college of technology wasnt on your website and man they can teach some welding